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Where do I write to?

Hi Guys, I have sent message son here before, i have ££ to use with Fiverr but don’t know how to use it and they don’t seem to want to talk to me… Any ideas? I have made other orders and assumed my ££ would pop up and be taken off my total but it was not ugh! Shame I can’t actually write to them… If anyone answers me on here, how do I see those replies? This is one of the worst sites I have ever used in 20 years :frowning:

Hi there!

I’m not really sure what you’re asking - are you struggling to send messages or make a purchase?

This might help:

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Hi thank you! But that is exactly what did not happen… my funds were not taken off of my order…?

I am asking about both

This part from the link may apply?

Note: If you are making a purchase using the shopping cart, are a member of a team account, or are using the Fiverr Mobile App you will not be able to use another payment source. In these cases, if the purchase is larger than the amount in your balance, you may only use one payment source.

I think it says that in those cases, you have to pay a gig from the same payment source, e. g. if your balance is $10 and the gig you want to buy is $10, your balance will be used, but if the gig is $15, the whole amount will be taken from your credit card or PayPal and not from your balance.

I might be mistaken, though, since I’m a seller and when I buy gigs myself, I pay from my balance always, so I can´t talk from experience.

You can always contact Customer Support for clarification, if you have any problems btw, it can take 24-48 hours though for a reply, depending on their workload, but sometimes they reply very fast as well.