Where do we REAL 5vers go?


I am very upset to write this that fiverr has lost its real charm of $5 because initially the slogan was 5ver but now it has become more than that, If I set a price starting $5 bucks of any service, I will never ever get promoted but if a person whose price is $80 basic gig and above they get promoted on first order. What a algorithm??? Previously every buyer was thinking to get his/her work done from fiverr marketplace on just $5 but now fiverr has changed.

I never see myself in recommended / relevance because I always used price of $5 (basic gig) :frowning:


ohhhhhhhhh i never thought that…


That’s not true. Fiver was always about the MINIMUM price being $5, not the final price.


i think its about the ratings


Hello, you have two gigs, one starting at $25, and one starting at $150. Why are you asking about $5 gigs?

If you want to start a gig at $5 why couldn’t you?

You can get promoted if you have gigs starting at $5. Why wouldn’t you?

I like charging more than $5 and it avoids a lot of problems. I’m not sure why a seller is lamenting this.


A Global website like Fiverr, I don’t expect them to stay stagnant and not evolve as a company. I do expect Fiverr to advance in this digital age like any other company. As a Seller, it’s up to me to go with the flow, and evolve as well - adapt to change or sink at the bottom. Fiverr gave us the tools to increase our bottom prices. However, it’s at the sole discretion of Sellers to price their gigs to their liking.


Nope. I’ve been since the beginning in 2010 and Fiverr was only about fixed $5 orders in its first years - I see you’re also since 2010, so I’m confused as to how you don’t remember this :slight_smile:

The only way you could have charged more in the past was by asking/forcing the buyer to purchase more gigs to cover the cost. There were no gig multiples, either. Most sellers’ gig descriptions were like “Purchase 10 gigs to order this.” (I guess this was the reason why they decided to change the fixed $5 price :slight_smile: )

Fiverr has grown quite a lot and the move to make $5 the basic price was one of the smartest moves!


We could also look at it from different angles. Fiverr started out as $5.00 gigs to attract a base and had all intents and purposes of moving beyond as evidenced by gig multiples and so on. If we look at the increments, all base orders are a multiple of $5.00, you won’t see a service for $8.00 and another for $4.00 and then another for $32.00 but you’ll find $5 - $10 - $80 - $200, all multiples of $5.00. It would be safe to say then that Fiverr has evolved the concept of the $5.00 order.


Also, when I moved a few years ago, a baguette in the local bakery cost… €1.75, I think. Now it´s €2.30. They have smaller ones now too, though, half the size for €1.15.

I guess Fiverr sellers can forever stick to the $5 gig if we want, by lowering the amount of work we´ll do for $5 only there may come the day when we´ll have to charge $5 for 0.75 words or something comparable if we want to survive and then it gets really funny. :wink:


You’re the chief marketer at Revlon, why do you care about Fiverr and $5 gigs?