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Where do you advertise your Fiverr gigs?


I want to know where you advertise your gigs? Do you use blogs or socials or paid traffic? Your opinion will be important to me and to all members here. Thanks!


I use Craigslist and Backpage in the top cities in the U.S., I’ve tried some small business forums and legal sites as well, but it is difficult finding places to put my ad. I don’t think I’ve gotten much traffic, if any, from my advertising.


I keep busy on Google+. I post at least one thing every day in a relevant community and it help;s me build my social network. As a general rule of salesmanship, “everybody likes to buy, but nobody likes to be sold.” I create fun or interesting content and let the customers come to me.


I don’t advertise honestly… Though I do maintain a website which I will not post here.


As marketing experts this seems to be the most common question we get asked by fiverr members, and seems to be one of the most common questions on the forum. Maybe we should have a special section to educate sellers as it would benefit Fiverr.

There are many places to promote your services, you have online magazines, Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, press releases, advertising sites. Also, you have places in your local area to promote your services. See if the local media would be interested in what you are doing, see if they will run a story on you. Contact your local radio station and speak to them.

Local media are always after some great stories.


Thanks for the tip. I’m a new seller my self and looking forward to building up my first Gig over next several months.


I use Facebook. This helped me to sold 2 gigs.


The luck is one of the moste way to sell your gigd we should wait


thats really good question indeed


thats exactly what I think. … If your first orders start coming in, it will flow orders.


I think twitter is best.