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Where do you advertise?

I’m looking for fresh sites to advertise on. Does anyone have any secret places they’d like to share? My target market includes affiliate marketers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs (I offer writing/editing services).

@eoinfinnegan has mentioned Black Hat Forum in his UPYOUR posts and I also use the Warrior Forum. Any other suggestions? :slight_smile:


I want to know too…do you give the link to your Fiverr gig on Warrior Forum? [I really have no clue how this works, but will start learning fast when my orders start drying up.]


What @sydneymorgan probably meant is to link your Gig in “Forum Signatures”. As you post the link snippet will show at the bottom of each of post. This can help in bringing certain amount of traffic that may ultimately turn into sales.


mostly advertise on social media like twitter

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I do post regularly on certain forums and use this tactic (once you build a reputation as a helpful user and solid English speaker, it definitely works to increase sales), however, I’m also looking for sites that sell banner ad spaces.

You can place a 728x90 ad at the top of The Warrior Forum for $59/10,000 impressions. If you’ve got the right ad design, it will definitely pay for itself (and then some) :slight_smile: You could even use Fiverr Anywhere to create a link so they’re taken directly to an offer page. I’ve never tried that, but I have read about it working for some people.

I have marketing experience for other things but I’m still pretty new when it comes to marketing my Fiverr Gigs. My sales are still good, but I’ve finally come to realize that Fiverr’s search algorithm may not be reliable on a day-to-day basis forever (so I’m looking for other ways to get clients). I sell things off-site for more but I actually much prefer Fiverr’s platform and ease of use. I always know there’s a layer of protection for payments, and to me, that’s worth them taking 20%.

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Oh! Nice to know that @sydneymorgan. This proves the kind of untapped potential an online business can have.

Btw, can you tell me how many clicks do you get per 1000 impressions? I was having an opinion people lurk around forums to converse not buy…

I don’t advertise anywhere.

I gave a link out on Facebook a couple of times, but most people didn’t want to go through Fiverr as they have had bad experiences here before.

Would not trust Warrior Forum to advertise now.

Got a LOT of business out of there in the past, but then one day they wanted to change how they organised their ‘For Hire’ section or whatever it was called, which hid all the writing offers BUT they only did it for select people as a ‘test’ and I was one of those tests. I made my money back. but very irritating to see some people being pushed who paid the same amount as me and getting more orders.


These forums are aimed at marketers and the like so most people are on there looking for services to buy for their business/people to outsource to. Usually there’s an average click-through rate of 1.8%.

I never knew about that! I’m fairly new to the platform but I’ll watch out before getting too comfortable. I’m mostly dealing with banner ads for now which are bought outright and have a set position on the site.

I have considered using Black Hat Forum’s ad posting section (which sounds similar to what you’re talking about) but my user account needs to age a bit more before they allow me to post in there. It’s free once my account reaches a certain status, otherwise, I’d have to pay $499 a year for the privilege (which I am NOT doing!).

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I think i do have a website…

I have a decent bit of business through BHW. In fact, five of my largest clients in the past came from there BUT i did not find them through that site, they sought me out.

@sydneymorgan, thanks for letting us know! So you were purchasing 180 Gig views for $59. I wouldn’t say it’s a massive ROI, but then again it might just depend upon the traffic and you Gig optimizations.

For long, I considered starting a blog (with and) on Squarespace and link my Gig from the author section of the blog posts. Of course, it never took wings because i’m usually filled with repeat business and give my best efforts to catering the needs of existing clients instead of acquiring new ones.

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