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Where do you draw the line with customers?

Here’s an example; a customer contacts you for work, describes what they need and you deliver it. The customer the asks for a small change to that and you complete it. The customer the changes their mind after you delivered the work and says they want 4 different versions. What would you do in that situation especially since they can give your a bad review?


I think, we need to have a better communication here. Since, the buyer wants extra version, and if its a complete different version, then you could ask him, to order another gig, politely. Sometimes, you can take some time. You know, making the buyer wait for sometime, will make him feel, you’re valuable. And its not really right, to do some other versions after a completed order. Thats what I feel. :slight_smile:

Sometimes, I do the extra work completely free. We do not know, who is a potential repeating buyer. If he gets completely satisfied, definitely he will come again :slight_smile: And that, time, I ask for a higher value.

You have made an extra price for quick delivery, do the same for the additional version. I think the buyer will agree to pay extra if indicated in the gig description.

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If it is in the scope of gig then I will happily do it. Otherwise, the communication skills come in play :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s say it’s out of the scope of the gig. So the gig states that you give, as an example, a 20 second recording and yet the customer asks for a minute, because they didn’t read that it says only 20 secs. Would you deliver a minute regardless to make sure you don’t end up losing rank due to negative feedback?

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I m probably a bad girl. Just yesterday didn t give two extra renderers for free. I offered to pay extra.



In my cases, before ordering, I make conversation as long as possible to fully understand the criteria. In my area, I make proper specifications about what I am going to do and what he can expect if he needs something in future. Since, I’m quite experienced in my field, I can quite understand what my client would expect for the job, and whats going on in his mind.

I think, you should explain about the main points of your order. If you didn’t do it, ask the client gently that, the gig states 20 sec, and your other clients were happy with it. If its a whole minute, thats a five times more work, would cost a lot of work and time. Just ask gently, and politely, most of the time, people do like gentle and polite conversation :slight_smile:


LOL! I’m too, going to go wild soon!

Just being patient to level up! Still, I’m new, and need to get a lot reviews. In a thousand reviews, one or two 1 star rating won’t impact anything!
Thats my spirit :smiley:

Not a bad girl but a good business woman!


I would send them a custom offer for that or more likely tell them the order they placed has been completed, and does not include 4 different versions. I wouldn’t want to do more orders for someone like this.

I would say "I’m not sure where you got information this includes 4 different versions? This was an order for one version only. "

The problem is that they probably did get much much more from some inexperienced seller and decided to try to pull that on other sellers.

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Honestly I am currently in that situation. I wouldn’t be too concerned with a negative review as long as I’ve done my best and provided the customer with the product they requested. I can my very first order today and I was over the moon, I asked for all the details before they made the order and I even showed a water marked sample so they have an idea of how my work is. They were happy and made an order immediately. Once they made the order, they put a photo and gave some details on how I should go about completing the order.
I followed their instructions to the letter and provided them with a finished product. After that they got back to me with a different photo and said I want it like this. The new photo has 4 extra variations of the initial photo (different views from the top,side, bottom, etc) I explained that this extra work is not part of the order they made and that they need to make a new order. They complained that I hadn’t told them that from the start (even though my gig describes what the customer gets).
I explained that I didn’t need to do that because what they initially requested was fine. They are adamant not to pay extra. Honestly I resorted to actually doing the extra work since this is my first order. I just hope after all this I don’t receive a negative review.

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So you should have delivered that to them as the complete order.

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I don’t see why they expected four extra versions? How did they get that idea? I would have asked them that. It sounds like you got someone very manipulative who knew what they were doing.


That’s exactly what I did initially. However he was adamant that I haven’t delivered according to his expectations. Regardless of the fact that he never made his expectations clear until I delivered.

Yeah, that’s what I am guessing. Let’s see how it ends. I can’t see him recommending the service to a friend after this experience. I am just hoping for the best.

Negative reviews can’t be avoided for a number of reasons so don’t get worked up over that. Make sure that your communication is clear and that your Gig is clear and well-written. Explain politely to your client what modifications mean and if they feel they need four other versions, ask them to pay a token for it as it is not part of the initial agreement.

Keep in mind, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Instagram, Facebook and all the tech giants all have bad reviews on some of their products. This does not stop them from putting in their best all the time. They listen, learn and evolve in their service offerings and this is what you should be concerned about.

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