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Where do you DRAW THE LINE?!?!?!


If you were planning on buying from a seller, what is the lowest percentage of positive reviews and longest response time that you would buy from a person. Personally, mine is over 90% and less than 4 hours response time. What do you think?

When rating is too low?

99% positive rating or higher. I don’t care about response rate.



I personally don’t care about response time.


Stupid question (either I need new specs or I’m really thick) - you’ve mentioned the percentage of positive reviews - where do you see that on a seller’s profile, or are you taking the decimal like 4.95 and multiplying by 20?

Thanks in advance?


Response rate doesn’t matter to me at all! I simply message the seller and see how long it takes for a response to come my way.

My Avg. Response Time is 2 hours according to Fiverrs algorithm.
I usually respond within 20 minutes to any messages that come my way during regular business hours.




Cheers for that @rainny_writer - it’s on the sidebar of the individual gigs and not the profile page - I was being thick - thank you!


I see, I see. I’d just rather not waste a few hours waiting if another would respond within the hour.


Thanks for the help, ya beat me to it!


That makes sense, thanks for the response!


I’ve been using eBay for decades, so I’m perhaps a little more lenient in terms of reviews, cuz I know there are going to be some bad reviews, there’s no getting around it in this line of work. But anything less than 90% or so would make me wonder…

As for response rate, it depends. If I want an order in a hurry, I look for someone who’s online or responds within a few hours, say 6, especially since I’m aware of time differences (I’m 6 hrs behind Fiverr time). If it’s no rush, I just make sure they’ve been on in the last day or two.


Response time is difficult to judge.
The first original logo designer that did what I really wanted did not reply until 2 days after my message, the same for an artist whose work I love who actually sent me a quick sketch with his reply to ensure he understood what I wanted! Many TRS sellers and some with featured or high ranking gigs have long response times too as they get a huge amount of messages.
Over 90% is usually fine by me but I usually don’t mind if there are late delivery negative reviews. Also, if there have been no negatives for a couple of months I may use anyone but for a trial order first.


That’s great that you’re not that stringent on response times. Right now, I’m a new seller, so I don’t have as many orders, but I still have 3 days’ delivery on my orders, as my partner works from home on the phone during the day, which means I have to do my gigs, which are vocal in nature, in the evening. And then not every evening is free for me, due to band responsibilities. So it’s easy for me to keep in mind that sellers have lives outside of Fiverr and can’t always respond/deliver right away.


When it comes to response time you have to take into account that the other person might live in a total different time zone. I usually respond within half an hour. Anyway, lately I sometimes have trouble to create a custom offer right away, because my business outside of Fiverr is consuming a lot of time. There are some buyers who wait a couple of days before I send them a custom offer.


I don’t care about response time. It means nothing. My average is 1 hour, but some people have to wait 12 if it’s overnight.

% positive is more difficult as if someone doesn’t have many reviews, one poorer review could knock them right down, unfairly. If someone has a lot of reviews I’d probably be looking at over 99% or over.


No of reviews is what matter for me. Also I always check portfolio to seller’s previous work.


It depends on the category and seller experience. If I message someone who has a thousand reviews and 15 gigs in their queue, I wouldn’t expect them to drop everything immediately and reply to my message.

In my case, I have a long standing policy: Existing clients take priority over potential clients (especially someone sending me a “How long does it take to get a voice over”… especially when it’s all over my gig already, but they aren’t reading it…)

I have lots of repeat clients, their projects are the highest priority for me. There are points where I’m working on existing orders, and don’t respond to anything that isn’t urgent.

The higher volume sellers may not get back to you immediately, so it simply depends on if you need the experience/quality that they offer, or if time of first response is more important to you.

I used to average a one hour response time, but due to far heavier queues, I’m now floating between 2 and 3 hours.

I’m dealing with existing clients first, then the newer people. It might cost me a gig or two from the impatient people, but it keeps my regulars happy, and that’s my focus.

Some new people are just window shopping anyway… The existing clients are paying my bills and deserve my primary attention.


So I have a 100% rating, but unfortunately because most of my clients are in the US and I am in France, my response rate is 10 hours because I actually try to get sleep. So response rate shouldn’t matter. I’d at least hope not. Haha