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Where do you enter Promo Code?

Hey guys,

Does anyone know where you enter promo codes? I


^Fiverr has NO option to enter promo codes!!

Maybe a seller gave you one, which only he can tell you how to use


at checkout there is option of promocode and you can enter there.
for any query feel free to ask again

sir i don,t know what is promo code.
please tell me about that.
tell me one promo code so that i could use that in fiverr payment method.

Learn with fiveer online course, sometime we will get some of discount on the regular price. When the announce they peovide a code. whice code will give you the exact discount as they declare when you purches the course. It will be 10 to 20% as they announce on that time only. That discount code some of we call promo code.