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Where do you find clients?

I have been working as a graphic designer on fiverr and my day job and I know about a few freelance sites and just wondering if there’s a platform as good as fiverr to find more clients as fiverr is very unpredictable.

I am currently working on my website and building a portfolio.

Can anyone give any suggestions?

Remember that it is against forum rules to post names or external links to Fiverr competitors, which makes sense. So, if you want to talk about Fiverr, this is a good place. If you want to talk about another freelance site, you might try other freelance forums, Warrior forums, or something like that. Generally, though, I do think freelancing is unpredictable by nature. You can even ask the people who’ve been Top Rated for years and they will probably tell you that clients come and go along with dry spells.

I agree, being a freelancer whether here on Fiverr or going out there and doing it on your own, is always unpredictable.

No matter where you freelance you need to also be very good at marketing. So if you do not know much about marketing and advertising you might want to read some books and websites about marketing in general. So go to bookstore or your public library and look for books about marketing your freelance business and start to get an idea about marketing.

Just be sure not to share your personal information here on Fiverr though. It looks like you have a lot of sales here on Fiverr, over a thousand, and that things are going well for you here.

@sincere18 @fonthaunt:Thank you for the input guys

Reply to @fonthaunt: Yes that’s why I didn’t name any particular site.

I was wondering if there are some ways to get more clients, like I read somewhere on this forum about facebook groups, I couldn’t find any luck with any groups… the ones I found were mostly full of sellers only or spammers.

Hopefully I can find someone experienced here to shed a little light on how a freelance graphic designers makes his/her living from home (I’m thinking of quitting my day job)

Reply to @advertiser_seo: don’t quit your day job…until you have enough money in savings to get through the dry periods. So if you do not book a lot of jobs in one month you have money to pay for your living expenses. For all freelancers it is always up and down. A good freelancer has savings and works ahead enough so it’s not a problem. It’s just the nature of being a freelancer, it’s not steady work, especially if you are doing one-off designs for clients.

It’s also a lifestyle choice. Many freelancers prefer to make a little less money but enjoy more freedom in their life, it depends on what you want.

Maybe post some questions in the new Podcast threads to ask some of the top sellers how they transitioned from their day job to working just on Fiverr.

Reply to @advertiser_seo: I would listen to the podcasts on the forum. There are some great tips there from full-timers in different areas including graphic arts. As @sincere18 said, though, take your time before you consider it. Fiverr was temporarily my primary job and probably will be again, but I have a spouse who brings in a pension or I wouldn’t be able to do it this early.

I would not go full-time with it unless you either have a secondary income source like that or unless you had enough savings to cover your bills for a year. If you have a few months that are slow, you can live off of those savings and then build them back when things pick up. Even for people working solid full-time jobs the minimum you should always have in savings is 3 months of income and in my opinion, that’s not enough with our global economy as it is.

Whether freelancing or any other form of owning your own business, there are big risks during rough times. I definitely know of people who work on Fiverr full-time, though, but all of them either have secondary income sources, investments and/or savings, or all of the above.