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Where do you find your completed gig?

Hi, I’m new to Fiverr and maybe that will be so obvious when I ask my question. Ok, where do you look for your completed gig when your seller says, it’s done and it’s enclosed? Enclosed where? I can’t find any files, so maybe you could let a slow on the uptake newbie know what happens when you go looking for your finished product.

Click on the notifications (little picture of a siren or something, at the top of ur screen). A list will open. If the seller actually delivered (and didn’t just send you a messagge), you will see a notification on the list that says: " (name of seller) delivered your order." Click on that and scroll down the page till you find it. Usually you could just go directly to the bottom of the page, but because of the situation you described, I suggest you scroll down checking everything - sometimes messages/notifications take a while to appear.
If you don’t find the delivery, send a message to the seller to let him know.

Thank you for this, really useful. I had already contacted the seller, said there was an ‘upload problem’. So there wasn’t anything on the screen which made me feel a little less stupid.

Something similar happened to me, is my first purchase and I can’t find the gig :frowning:

Oh good. :slight_smile: