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Where do you guys promote?

Hello, I have a question about promotions, where y’all promoting your gigs, facebook pages or any groups, twitter… ?


About a year ago, I mentioned that I use Quora (in a positive way) and have had clients come through that as a result of answering questions there.
The result of that it seems to have been that many sellers took to just spamming the site and subsequently, Quora auto-blocked ANY link that goes to Fiverr, even the forum. I informed staff here about this and they have been in touch with Quora about it - not sure if it has been resolved yet.

I don’t mention places I promote myself any more.


Wow… sadly to hear that. I know there are a lot of spammers everywhere and there’s no peace to promote yourself where you want.

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Quora has still not resolved the issue. Last time, for promotion, I answered 2, 3 questions on freelancing and freelance websites and linked my gigs at the end of the answer. The link said, access to this page is denied, although it worked. People are less likely to click on a link which says, access is blocked, even though it works.

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This is exactly why they have blocked Fiverr links…
Put your link in your profile, that’s it. Don’t put links in answers. Quora is a type of Social Media and you are being anti-social. What you did is basically like if someone in the street asked you for directions and after pointing them in the right direction, you then said “Ok, pay me now”.
It is rude and I can understand why they block it. Please stop doing it.


Oh dear. What did I do. When I was looking at articles about fiverr gig promotion, there was written that link your gigs at the end of answers related to your gig niche. I thought that is the legitimate way of promotion on quora. I would follow your advice and put my link on my profile.


Yeah, a lot of advice online is just various forms of spamming.
Great to hear that you will change and I wish you the very best with the new approach.
If your answers are good, if you show your expertise and are helpful/professional, people will click through to see your profile and if they are interested in your services they will go to your Fiverr page from there.


Thank you for posting this @eoinfinnegan - it applies to every social media network IMO.

Post content that other people find useful, entertaining, funny, educational, unusual etc. and human nature will make them want to find out more about you by looking at your profile, because we’re all basically nosey! :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s the only place your links should be.


promotion is a very difficult subject. proper promotion of your services typically involves — at the very least —months of activity on a social media platform where your potential customers may be. Specifically, you should NOT be promoting your services for the most part. mostly you just want to be active and develop connections.

Providing quality content while part of those sites that shows evidence of your skills, while occasionally sharing a link to and\or mentioning your services…

there is nowhere you can go to spam your links and get buys (as far as I know of)

promotion is all about building connections… the more connections you have, the more credible your promotions seem… but the worst mistake is opening an account somewhere and just dropping links.

promotion of your services could be a full time job…

I’m spending 1-3 hours a day developing a social media profile that has my link in the profile… once or twice I have posted about my services in the past couple months.

promotion is like a way of life that mostly involves not promoting yourself too much.

I’ll be happy to receive correction… but I believe that is a proper answer to your question

that said, it seems that instagram is a popular promotional tool. I’ve never used it, but a lot of businesses do exactly what I said. Mostly build connections and post\share quality content, and occasionally that involves a service they provide.


And the difference is that you are posting the link on your profile page, not putting it on someone else’s question or on their page etc. Posting your own gig on Twitter, Facebook etc now and then is fine - after all, how often do your friends post things about their work?

FWIW, it can be more effective to post about specific jobs that you have completed (with the buyer’s permission!) than to just post gig links on their own. For example, post an image of a logo you have created with watermark and your fiverr profile link printed on it. NEVER post any text content you have written for a client, it is not yours but many clients will be happy to have you post a link to their site as long as you ask them first!


yeah, that’s a great idea! I forgot to mention that.

and yes, most clients are happy to have you share a link of the work posted on their site. (although not all would appreciate you saying that you created it)

[edit: I really hope more clever answers come into this discussion… because the method I’m using now is suuuuper slow progress. This entire job is so much like work, it’s crazy]


I think that blog post about Quora being useful for promoting business may have contributed to the influx of spam. There was a topic some time ago where someone was asking how to promote on social media and I responded with ‘do not spam posts with gig links.’ Far too often while reading through social media pages of businesses and business professionals do I see responses to posts from fiverr sellers promoting their gig links.

Some even go that extra lightyear and post their gigs on every single post within view. I don’t promote often because of this. Come to think of it the last time I promoted my gig (on my own social media page) I got a response to work on another site instead of fiverr.

Always the same user with the same thing to say. My link was only shared once every several weeks but seeing this response means the situation is getting far out of hand.

eoinfinnegan - And the difference is that you are posting the link on your profile page, not putting it on someone else’s question or on their page etc.

This is one of the issues many are seeing and possibly basing their perception of fiverr on. Imagine reading through posts on serious business matters and viewing the response numbers and thinking ‘hey there’s a really good discussion going’ only to discover the majority of responses are spam posts. I hardly ever promoted if at all but when I did it seemed like I was being thrown in the same group as them.

daviddoer - …surely there are some paid promotional service that might work

Maybe but doing a fiverr ad is tricky especially with some of the fiverr ads as of late throwing people off.


over-promotion makes one seem too needy, also…

simply being visible, with a link to your gig for anyone who chooses to click through your profile is probably plenty…

I am wondering though… surely there are some paid promotional services that might work?


All the SM platforms offer paid promotions, and you can use any of these and still be within Fiverr’s ToS - it’s just adwords that can’t be used. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the information on this. Love the fiverr platform and want get my gigs out. Pity about quora. Suppose there are alterntive ways to do this now… Like directing people to your blog (obviously needs to be a true blog or personal website) and thereby directing them back to your fiverr gigs.

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