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Where do you market your gigs?

Sharing is caring, so where/how do you market your gigs outside Fiverr? Not really in to those “10 tips from a super seller on Fiverr blah blah” which I find comes across as pushy and often just plugging for their own gigs. I just want to hear your real life experience from a mid-level seller to another, trying to have fun with Fiverr. :wink:

Bonus: If you have any idea where to market a advertising cat video we are grateful for tips. Before you shout social media – we do have around 2000 followers on Instagram, but very few leads come in that way. So it’s not really working out for us.

Pew pew pew!

Did you tried yahoo answers?Search questions related to your gig and respond.

also youtube, vimeo -post videos and promote them

Have you tried approaching bloggers who you may already know and offering them a freebie (with the hope they will put you on their blog cos it is a cool gig?)

usually when i get an order in which is reviewed and i get my 5 stars, i feel fiverr kind of advertises my gig, makes my gig pop up more to people viewing fiverr gigs.

but i don’t really market now days, the only way i try is posting my gigs on facebook, twitter or tumblr but i don’t think i ever got sales from that technique.

The best way is to have a good front page for your gig, good portfolio, good rating, good amount of sales and that is how people would buy your gigs. also your gigs should be unique, not a replica of other people’s gig or have a lot of similarities.

Reply to @burebista: That’s a very good idea, thanks!

Reply to @sue_mcl: Also a very good idea. We gave our video to one of our friends who run an online shop and she used it on Facebook and gave us some leads :slight_smile: Will look for bloggers from now on.

Reply to @superfunart: That’s about what we do right now also. We always add “If you liked our gig, give us a nice review, it helps our sales” because it really does.

If we posted our done gigs on Facebook our Facebook friends would be bored I guess, because it’s almost always the same thing :slight_smile:

Maybe a targeted mailing list? I am approaching three possible leads everyday. Not with any real template but a “human interest” mail. Also of course YouTube could help. I love the blogger approach idea. I will try that next:-)

You can always go back through previous sales/leads and follow up. I find that many people, who meant to place an order, got sidetracked and appreciate the follow up.

Reply to @elvisinstacute: that is a good idea of saying "If you liked our gig, give us a nice review, it helps our sales"

i always wanted to make more of my buyers leave a review but i didn’t know a nice way to say it, thanks, I will make sure to use this next time :slight_smile:

@elvisinstacute PINTEREST. use infographics and add a url link back to your fiverr page.