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Where do you promote your gigs?

Hey everybody!

I’ve found that there isn’t much info on where to share your gig to get targeted customers. They’re the basics like social media, YouTube, and forums. But where else are you promoting?

Lets make this a long list of websites to get targeted traffic to your gig!

Impossible to make such a list as where you promote depends on your gigs, your network etc. Then there is also the no external links rule on the forums!

Relevancy should keep you safe.


I don’t promote it anywhere but plan to use a bit of social media and youtube at least.

Actually, I found that one guy copied almost all my gigs and offering that services around the web and doing pretty ok. Never contacted me about that but I do not have a problem with that, I got more work :smiley:


You can promote your gig at forums or groups outside fiverr. Make sure they are related to your service. You can also use yahoo answers and just add your link in the source section. I hope this help?