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Where does a seller post a request in "buyer request?"


HI everyone,

I am new on Fiverr and will like to post a request to “buyer request” may be that can help me get orders from buyers. I’ve tried to post a request as a seller, at many different times, ( I got that suggestion on the Fiverr Forum) but did get notifications from Fiverr that my request was declined. Any good idea on what to do to get sales as a new seller on Proofreading service will be appreciated. Thanks for reading.


Why in the world would you want to post in buyer request as a seller to plug your gigs?


Hmm, This page is no longer available. I guess posting in buyer request section was his/her demise.


I fear you read the wrong post on Buyer Requests then. Try this one:


Oh, that was a fast way to hell then apparently.


LOL damn, that was fast! :smiling_imp:


The world is denied another fantastic proofreader!
What shall we do without them?


Thanks for your response. It seems I got it wrong from the suggestion…


Thanks Miiila! I will check that out.


Eat a crapload of donuts? Oh, hell don’t want to screw up your diet. :wink:


Are you working under a different account? Joyfuldesigner is no longer in service.


He’s a joyful :ghost:


I think it is bad when I see buyer request is full with seller request. Hope Fiveer will take an action


How can I get more buyer request?