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Where does the fiverr payment go?


Thanks in advance to those who can help me :slight_smile: . I joined fiverr only few months ago and now some orders have started to arrive. I was wondering how the payment works. Fiverr didn’t ask me my paypal …i understood that the money from the gig go in a Credit Card and after some time (or a specific amount), they can be put in the paypal… Can you give me some explanations? Thank so much ! Fedra


When you receive an order, money has already been paid from buyer and hold from Fiverr.
When the order is delivered and closed (buyer has 3 days to accept or reject the delivery) there are 14 days in which you have to wait before receiveing money (it’s called clearance period).
Finally you can find the amount paid for the order (without Fiverr fees) on your account: you can use this credit to buy some gig or you can send it to your Paypal account.


You can opt to have them pay you by BACS, paypal or their neteller payment card. When you go to Sales > Revenues, you can see the buttons to withdraw below your money stats.

Both buttons will ask you to confirm the withdraw of monies with the email you use on your account, they won’t send the money otherwise.

First time I made a withdraw it took about 2 days but this was because my bank processed the payment slowly. I couldn’t fold the quick work of fiverr and paypal systems.


When and how fiverr payment would move to my account. Please let me know procedure.