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Where does the revenue we earn go before we load it onto paypal or the Fiverr card?

Hi guys,

I’m new to Fiverr and had a few questions, most were answered by browsing the forums, but this one still has me scratching my head. A quick search through the forums didn’t really help. PayPal doesn’t work in my country, so my question is more on the Fiverr Revenue card, though I’m curious about PayPal as well :P.

I read that the Card has a ton of fees attached to it, so many people (including Nissim, the Payoneer representative) suggest loading the card with large amounts at a time to reduce the impact of the fees. So my question is, after I complete an order and get paid, where is my money being stored until I load it onto my Revenue card?

I didn’t supply any banking information to Fiverr, so is it being stored as credit on Fiverr itself? Or do I have to load my card whenever I get paid? Is there a time limit within which I have to withdraw my funds/ is it at my own discretion?

Thanks in advance for all the help :slight_smile:


Probably Fiverr holds the funds in accessible accounts. I’m sure any interest they earn helps to maintain the site.

Oh alright. Thanks for the reply. Just so long as there is no time limit or anything :-))

Not that I’m aware of! Sometimes I’ve gotten busy & left money in my account for many months, but usually I pull it out at regular dollar amounts, like $50 or $100…just incase I have computer problems! ~lol~

Thats good to hear :slight_smile: I think I’ll do the same, now additionally because of computer problems :stuck_out_tongue: