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Where has the compassion gone?

Hi Everyone,

Today’s question: “Where has the compassion gone?”

Our region is currently being affected by Hurricane Irma, however the Hurricane is moving towards Florida, major damage was done to St.Martin and the surrounding islands, however the country I am in was spared due to being slightly out of its path,with that in mind, interconnecting services have been affected such as the internet which has been reduced to less than 56K (I’m using a little data to write this). As a result, I am unable to download or upload files as my situation is this: (after trying over 10 times to get it work) , my actual internet connection is 150mbs/down, 50mb/s up, 3ping.

I’ve contacted those clients who will be directly affected with this situation in the on-coming hours, to my surprise only one out of four agreed to an order extension of 24 hours in hopes the service is restored enough to allow me to upload their files (dropbox nor wetransfer would work either) . Everyone’s basic comment was “just try” (some even said it literally). So, where has the compassion gone?


That is so sad for you - you’ve turned vacation mode on, so no other buyers can feel disappointed which is good.

I’m glad to hear you’ve been spared the worst - I have a friend on Barbados and was a bit worried about her, so thank you for letting us all know.

As for your buyers - don’t worry about them - you did the right thing by letting them know what was happening, and they should respect that. If they don’t then it says much more about them than it does you.

Good luck! :sunny:

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Indeed, Barbados is quite fine, no damage except some minor boat damage at the Harbour due to rough seas. Sadly, Antigua nor St.Martin were spared and now it heads to Puerto Rico and Florida. Unfortunately, it did cause the internet situation, it takes me two hours to download a 1mb file if it even works (first world problems). Thanks for your concern and thanks for the comment.

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Maybe if fiverr posted a banner on the homepage informing buyers of this it could improve the reception. Which is why many have requested a title change for vacation mode as it’s still communicating leisure instead of something serious. Stay safe as you’re not out of the woods yet.

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Don’t worry about Fiverr, just stay safe and make sure all of your friends and family are safe. You can always pick up later on Fiverr.

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Some brilliant ideas there, Topaz.

Stay safe, Fiverr peeps!

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Just about every contract in the world, even for life-or-death multi-million dollar services, has a Force Majeure clause that exempts parties from performing in situations such as yours.

In light of this, I would say Fiverr should let you cancel those orders with no punishment whatsoever, but that’s just wishful thinking - Fiverr has proven to be particularly evil (I would say “for lack of a better word,” but this one does fit perfectly) in regard to cancellations.