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Where have all my friendly, cooporative buyers gone?

Are they all in hibernation during quarantine?

This week I’ve had 4 cancellations back-to-back, completely wrecking my stats. I’ve had 2 buyers insult my voice, a buyer accuse me of trying to rip him off (it was $55 for a radio ad… agency voice actors charge triple that), and maybe 6 or 7 total buyers order expedited delivery, then send me a message while I’m sleeping saying “I’ve changed the script” and then ghost me for the next 12 hours so I can’t complete the work on time.


Also, I think we’re having the sunniest spring on record where I live. Great time to be stuck indoors.

Did I mention I’m a crybaby?

Anybody else having a bad, bad time?


You are not alone! I have also had cancellations and lost my level 1 seller badge and this was due to a stupid consumer who made a mistake on his side for third party use. AND later treated me like crap, which I think is highly unprofessional. My suggestion is to look at consumers with a good review


Sorry to hear that! I’ve had a couple particularly mean clients this week as well :frowning:

For my gigs, it’s really not possible for me to pick and choose who I work with. One of the cancellations I had this week was from a long-standing client who has always been great to work with.

But 50% of my orders are from new clients with no reviews, and they order manually without contacting me first, so no way to screen 'em.


I’m sorry to hear about what you’ve been going through…on the one hand I’m envious of how many orders you have and WISH I was in your position…but being treated like crap is never fun. I’m new here…but was wondering since most of your buyers are new can you have a note on your description asking them to contact you before purchasing? I have written that on a few of my gigs.

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I’m lucky and I do realize that. I’m supporting myself and my husband at this time who has just been denied unemlployment benefits (he is between work contracts) so I’m definitely grateful to be busy.

I wouldn’t really consider doing this just because I receive so many orders each day, mostly by clients in different time-zones and often by clients who need urgent delivery, so going back in forth in the inbox just to draw up a contract every time would be counter-intuitive for me. In a typical month, I only have 1 really sour experience with a buyer. I’ve just been particularly unlucky this week for some reason :nerd_face:


this too shall pass… Congrats on the success and sorry about your husband’s situation


Yes, one of my regular buyers sent me feedback that one of my articles was depressing. But the article was on Covid-19! It would be disrespectful for me to have made it humorous. Anyway, I delivered the last of his order. It’s up to him whether he’ll order again.


I think they are. I have some buyers who are offline for a week or even a month, not a single order for a month, only cheapskates trying to get big projects for 5 bucks. Yeah, totally sucks, hope they will come out of hibernation soon, cheers.

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