Where have all the article writers gone?


I have no idea how popular article/blog writing gigs are on 5r, but I’ve noticed a deep decline in the number of qualified sellers. I only can surmise that it’s sells are declining.

I’ve used several sellers multiple times, but unfortunately, each writer has certain style. I like to keep my pool diversified by getting multiple writers. I only have 1/4 of articles I need. I like to hire people that I think already has some knowledge of the topic.

I hired a guy living in Zimbabwe to write on Victoria Falls, a guy living in India to write about tigers, a guy who is a published author to write about authors - hum, looks like I need more gals in my pool. :woman:. Just kidding, I’ve hired several gals too.

Just curious as to how your sales are going? Is this a slow area?


I bet Fiverr’s fear of sellers doing someone’s homework plays a large part in this. For example, I have three gigs up. The one for editing small works is a second posting of that same gig. The first time, they took the gig down, basically accusing me of taking part in doing people’s homework for them. This just blows my mind, as I haven’t even sold any gigs! I literally have not done any work, yet supposedly I have been helping people with homework.

Makes me wonder how many other people have been shut down (or at least warned) because of this academic stuff. That might be at least part of the problem right there.


Tech, marketing, and gaming article gigs are selling pretty well for me (some on Fiverr some off). The main issue is that most writers try to market themselves as general writers, which is kinda dumb when you think about it.(I for one hate arts, fashion or anything related to academic stuff which is why I mostly turn does offers for that kinda work.)

I have a friend selling on Fiverr that offers a very specific kind of writing services and it’s doing wonders for him - like really good. Recently started working for a cryptocurrency blog and a PR/Marketing Blog outside of Fiverr. (better pay :p)


Don’t know about the big picture, but I’ve also lost 3 of my usual writers. One started her own blog and 2 went to another platform.


I hate Marketing pretty much and I prefer PR, and maybe that’s not the best time or place for that, but my articles are plain sick. Some people think my articles are way too extravagant and weird, but maybe that’s the thing you want.

And no, I think nothing is “gone”, it’s just you need more time searching for your thing, and a bit of luck.



I didn’t think about that. I guess the difference between what I’m buying for vs what a student is buying for is that I’m not going to be graded!! :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why students would want to do this? It really spoils it for everyone. When I was in college, doing my physics homework was a challenge. It would take a study group of dozen or so, sort of like blind leading the blind. It’s not graded. If some smart guy on 5r wanted make a few bucks helping us with our homework - it would save us a lot of time. You can’t cheat on something that’s not graded.

//Of course, even that’s not allowed.//


I have a heck of a time finding sellers in particular genre that I want written. Like you, I’m not that certain it’s feasible for writers to write on any topic.


The worst part is I changed the tags for a few of my gigs to show up when people search for it but it doesn’t look like it works
I’ve been trying to get one of my gigs to show up for B2B and Marketing stuff but it just won’t work that’s why I had to find work for that stuff off Fiverr which is a bummer.


Contrary to what everyone says, there are actual buyers - be it few, that are desperate in need of good sellers.

Of course, I have no idea how many sellers advertise there but I bet you maybe able to find a few good ones.


I’ve used all my regular writers already, some multiple times. I’m in need of some new writers. :slight_smile:

You know, lost at sea: water, water, everywhere not a drop to drink. :grin:

I haven’t lost one yet. I’m trying to sweet talk/guilt non writer, I think will do a great job into doing articles for me. If I can snag them when their queue is slow, I get lucky.


Where have all the article writers gone?

The good ones raised their prices and the ones who stayed cheap all had nervous breakdowns. :slight_smile:

I think Pro and the level structure thing will see a bit of a (budget) writer availability cull.

I now turn away pretty much anybody who doesn’t order direct. Plus, I’m upping prices considerably soon for all but 3 regulars who I am creating a special gig for. Fiverr simply isn’t worth the hassle.

I have had an amazing experience this year working a big client off Fiverr. All payments were processed via escrow (i.e. non-refundable), almost all communication has taken place via email, and the end result has been fantastic.

Now, let’s compare that to a Fiverr story: I recently took on a regular client who ordered $40 of work per day, despite me having a bit of a bad/funny feeling. Then suddenly, the buyer stops communicating and I start to do a little digging.

What I find is that them saying they are from California doesn’t fit with their Argentina profile. Neither does that fit with a time stamp on their messages which implies they are in Asia. Then we have comments on the FB page of the website I’ve been supplying content for, calling the company out for scamming them (on Fiverr) out of work using chargebacks.

So far, I haven’t had a chargeback myself. Needless to say, though, I won’t be accepting any more work or regular buyers like this again.

Yes, such events aren’t the norm. However, they are becoming an exclusive to Fiverr problem. What is more, Fiverr is basically now saying that they are going to wipe the floor with anyone who’s ratings take a hit as a result.

Given the above, the minimum any writer on Fiverr should charge should be $30. Better to have 1 x $30 chargeback, after all, rather than 3 or 6 individual canceled orders.

I do think buyers will start to miss out because of things like this. I have an old buyer at the mo who is almost begging me to agree to work on a project. The thing is, it’s not really worth my time to work with them personally or on their project.

In the past, they used to order 10+ articles at a time to which I eventually had to say, ‘hey, stop it, I can’t handle this much from you.’ They kept on ordering anyway, though and made loads of my orders late. What is more, I look at the 12 orders they want to place, calculate how much I’ll take away, and think: ‘Nah, I’d rather just spend x on a promotion here or get 2 orders worth x over here.’

Fiverr as it is set up now isn’t really worth anyone’s time who plans on selling something at $5, $10, or even $20. Too much can go wrong, too much time and hassle is usually involved. Then after even the best selling experiences, you find yourself thinking, ‘blooming hell, that’s going to be a chargeback or 20 isn’t it?’

Of course, I don’t think there will ever be a shortage of writers per se. I doubt, however, that many will stick around for very long at a time.

As it is, I wouldn’t be prepared to start on Fiverr and work up the ranks like I did, given how it has changed recently and the sheer amount of work which establishing yourself can involve. Now people would be wiser to build up their portfolio and experience off-Fiverr and simply apply to Fiverr later down the line as a Pro-Seller. More money, less effort, and far fewer, ‘we’re 5r and we’re going to murder your career in 60-days’ stresses.


I try but let’s just say my social image and my professional image is wildly different which is why I have an advert guy who is also on vacation this month. On that note, what kind of content do you need? I might be able to point you in the right direction.


How do you always manage to textualize my feelings into words? Bless you for this post man.


I’m happy to hear you are doing so well. :sparkling_heart:

I’m sad to know you won’t be around 5r as much. :broken_heart:


When you were little and had your tonsils removed, I paid the surgeon to implant a small ‘textualize thought to words’ microchip near your inner ear.

It costs a small fortune for the 3G brain uplink itself. Needless to say, though, every time you appreciate my work, the chip pays for itself.


One thing that bugs me about genres/topics is that it seems hard to search by these when a writer has more than one to list and doesn’t want to have a dozen different writing gigs. I know I have one gig for “any topic” which means that I work hard to get those buyers to contact me first so I can calculate for research. That gig is fine for cheap simple articles but not for more specific ones. My gig that is for niche topics has lists in both the gallery and the description.

If you try to search fiverr.com by the words in my topic list, you won’t find my gig. Since I’m limited to the title and 5 tags to use as search terms, I can only dedicate one or two keywords to niche since I also need to show up by things like “article” and “native.”

It can’t be tested right now on my gigs since most of my gigs are paused or limited to 0 and I’m only doing custom orders until after I move. I was really struggling with this issue before I paused them, though. I think the way some writers handle it is just to have more writing gigs dedicated to one or more genres per gig, but then you have some crossover in a category and you can’t use those slots for other skills. December is usually very slow for me. I thought that would make this the perfect time to be buying a house, but I’ve actually seen an uptick in messages from people looking for niche writing. It makes me hopeful that there might be a good buyer pool when I return in my new home office! :slight_smile: :scream_cat:


I don’t know whether I should be afraid, angry, sad or simply happy because someone would care so much about me to that…plus now that I know it costs a small fortune be on the lookout for it on eBay

I drink to that.


Good writers are nervous about the Gujarat elections, and a little busy, so staying low :expressionless:


I have put my writing gig on pause. It was one where I would write on any topic. However, as it was, it took much time when I had to research the subject. So I have paused it to ponder :thinking: my areas of expertise, and then I will write gigs specific to those topics.


My thoughts after reading the posts on this thread and all threads on Fiverr forum over last 2 years = Get orders, do orders. Don’t get orders, do something else. That’s it.