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Where have all the good buyers gone?

I used to have several quality buyer requests come in every week. Naturally there were the “can you do 10 hours of work for $5” buyers mixed in but thankfully these cheapskate hustlers were the minority for me.

Unfortunately, the tables have turned lately. Now I get a good quality buyer with appropriate expectations willing to pay for quality maybe once a week while I get ridiculous requests from cheapo buyers all day every day! I’m tired of arguing with these people! Like, “I need u call tese 50 numbrs me. I get u 1 gig u do it fer me.” No No No! “OK how bout I giv u 1 gig u do 30 calls fer me.” No No No! Again the same buyers change the request but still want way more than I would ever do for one gig.

I would rather have zero sales in a week than to debase myself to their level. Fiverr offers great deals, I get it! However, 30 minutes of excellent quality virtual assistance for $5 is a good deal in America. I won’t change my offer for anyone (other than make it more expensive lol).

I don’t give a flying flip what a virtual assistant in India will do for $5. I’m not in India. I have had several clients who have told me that they give their simple work that is basically impossible to mess up to the low priced assistants in India or other similar countries but they give their work that matters to me. They don’t mind paying more for their important & complex tasks because they know that to get good quality you pay more!

Unfortunately, I think these low quality sellers attracting low quality buyers has scared away a lot of the good buyers. This leaves the quality sellers struggling to find tasks that are even worth the effort. As a subscriber to &, I searched “Fiverr” in the archives. Both sites have multiple articles about Fiverr. The sad part is that all the newest entries discuss the scams and how “Fiverr used to entice big business because of the excellent quality you could receive at low prices but recently the quality has dropped and scared away big business.” Well isn’t that lovely. I hate to say it but at this point I wish Fiverr would split up and have different Fiverr platforms for different countries, ie. Fiverr US, Fiverr UK, Fiverr Canada, Fiverr India etc. Maybe then big businesses wouldn’t be so scared of crap quality.

I miss the good buyers

Fiverr’s new ad seems off to me. Have you seen it? I think it’s stuff like this that really brings down the image of the site, or at least its sellers.

It features a few businesses raving about how awesome Fiverr is because they can get fantastic quality work for $5. Now, I understand the company wants to appeal to a mainstream market as that’s where the money is, but firstly, I don’t think this site is suited to the needs of big businesses (just me), and secondly, I really didn’t like the way the ad made it sound like we’re a bunch of slaves on here. 'Hey, need a logo, press release, traffic etc, but don’t wanna pay anything? Come to Fiverr and make thousands off of somebody else’s sweat. Your business grows while our minions work themselves into the ground for peanuts.'

I’m like you really. I try to offer a quality product on here, rather than just churning out loads of Gigs per day. It’s getting harder to do. Demand is still there, thankfully, but it’s becoming less consistent. I’m now looking to set up solo!

Reply to @joethorn: Joe, I totally agree! Not only the ads but the whole set up. Let’s talk about the “recommended” tab under each category. I see a bunch of new people with no reviews and some with bad reviews and a few with good reviews, but my question is who is recommending these gigs and on what grounds? You would think Fiverr would reward those who actually work our butts off providing top quality and making the whole site look good by posting our gigs as “recommended”. Otherwise they need to. Change the name from “recommended” to “random”. In my opinion, the “high rating” tab should show up first.

Anyway, it’s funny you should mention going solo. I recently started my own virtual assistant business for the same reason. Unfortunately marketing is an expensive pain in the behind so until my business is enough to sustain me, I’m doing both.

The recommended tab baffles me. I regularly see Gigs with a feedback score of 1 or 2 listed there, which are the most OBVIOUS copies of successful TSR Gigs. I mean, to the point they’ve just spun their description and stolen their picture.

Keeping one foot in the Fiverr door is the right choice. It’s a great way to earn, even though it has its faults. Maybe the site will go through a phase where they cheap-ass customers get sick of falling out with sellers, and the better ones come back. Who knows. :slight_smile:

Reply to @joethorn: Yes, dare to dream lol!

Reply to @joethorn:

Thank You Joe!

You stole the words right out of my mouth, I was just about to reply to missashley and blame the advertisement for the cheapskate customers…

I was thinking about this a couple days ago, the more they advertise themselves as a “$5 marketplace” the more cheap customers it brings in.

They really do make it seem like Fiverr is a slave market and people will come here expecting to get a gold mine handed to them for 5 bucks.

I remember about a year ago when I first started selling here I got so many wonderful customers… people who knew exactly what they wanted and knew that for $5 I can only do so much…

Now I’m getting more and more customers who demand … and literally DEMAND stuff for $5, expect me to over deliver and literally abuse the “modification button”.

I’ve done my best so far to provide quality services here and I have a gig with 1k+ feedback on it, but it’s deactivated now cause I just can’t take it any longer and I’m just gonna move my business elsewhere.