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Where i can send suggestion to Fiverr, Don't know so explaining here


I don’t know where I can submit a suggestion to Fiverr. so I am explaining here. anyone can submit if you know where should.

I am a web developer and using Fiverr with last 4 years. No doubt its good platform but I’m interfacing with 2 things that always irritate me, I think not only me. This will awesome if Fiverr will improve these two things.

1. On computer when i chatting with my client, and I need to read an old message. we hardly found an exact old message that we want to read. But here is a big problem if FIverr. because when a client typing and send a new message its automatically scroll to a new message :tired_face:. and you lost you’re an old message that you find hard.

  1. I am using a android application. when client send websites URL and I want to check the website in my browser, But there is not an option. Here always open Fiverr default browser :roll_eyes:. Here should option to choose a browser in which you want to open your link :heart_eyes: . Because Fiverr browser has not an option that is available in chrome and other.

Hope everything is clear that I want to explain. and Please submit these two things to Fiverr so can feel comfortable with website and app.

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is the place you make Fiverr suggestions. However, I am not sure that they are checked very often by Fiverr. :confused:


Hello, ideally you should be using a computer to do the bulk of your fiverr work, not the app, so you can choose a browser that allows you to see everything you need to see.

Regarding seeing old messages, it’s possible to scroll all the way back to the beginning of lengthy communications but there is that limit you mentioned of not being able to do that while you are chatting. It’s sometimes annoying but that’s how it’s set up at the present time.


I think… :thinking:


Thanks for reply.
Definitely i am using computer. but sometime when out of office than can’t check work properly.