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Where i can use my photoshop skills?


Hello! Where i can do this? I have expert skill on photoshop but cant find simple work. Here my gigs have 0 watch. (Sorry for my english)
In my land people pay less then other country’s, so i trying sell my skills in USA internet space. But cant find job.
I registre everywhere (facebook, twitter, deviantArt, upwork ) and others.Maybe here i can find some recruters?


From where you belong ?



Here you will find jobs looking at the Buyers Request. Keep sending your offers.

Also, fluent English is a must have…

My best regards!


I understand what people say to me, but typing text right - its hard for me.


i am from russia
if I have correctly understood what you have asked =)


So, just make sure to make your Gigs introduction texts with clear English. :slight_smile:


Yes absolutely you get what I asked. Do you send requests to buyers on regularly basis ?


I couldn’t find your gig.


in buyers page i see only 2 request. Its on category (photoshop editing)
its always like that? i mean no many request. Or i need always refresh page and wait more requests?


My Gigs [links are not allowed in this category]
I have many gigs for all type of editing photos


Crazy cat um.Your gig description needs to edit.


If you chosed a category improve my gigs @blaisefaint must come to help.


Wich one? I have 6 gigs with differend descrioptions. All bad?


ok. Thanks, i’ll try )


No your account description.You don’t need to add language there as languages have a specific portion to define.


What? There are always 30-40+ requests everyday. (In the Photoshop Editing category)


Now i have (No requests found.) Strange…
Maybe i look in wrong page?
I look at - Selling - Buyers Request - Photoshop Editing


Try to search over all requests for photo or retouch or something like that. Use your job keywords.

I just searched “photo” and bingo! The third request is about your Gig!




Dear Aman:

It’s considered bad form to volunteer other people to do stuff.

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You need to log out of the forum and log back in right away, before a moderator sees your profile image and dings you for inappropriate language.

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