Where i have to put my paypal email address in fiver?



I am not able to put my paypal email id in fiver can you please guide where i can put it.

at this link

http://fiverr.com/users/xxxx/balance/shopping i can see option of damn quick pay but its for shopping as one person wants to order my gig but i am not able to put my paypal id so i can get paid kindly help.




Reply to @rinchan86:

here i can see only this please see attachment :frowning:


Does this mean you can only add your PayPal mail to Fiverr?

I have got one mail address I use for actual mails and a seperate one for PayPal. I was under the impression many people work this way.


It does not show up in my account settings.

Would it be possible that it only shows up once I have completed an order?