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Where I will deliver my work?

I just want to know that if i find some work then where will i deliver it,in which type or form?

That’s your choice.

And I haven"t got any order yet is there any problem in my gig?

Can I deliver the work outside the fiver?

How about reading a little bit about Fiverr before starting to offer gigs? These questions can all be incredibly easily answered by reading the TOS, for example, or browsing the Fiverr academy and even one of the 7857398234 posts on the forum that deal with your questions. All you’re doing here is showing off the fact that you appear to know nothing about how Fiverr works, and that you are too lazy to do some research before asking questions.

A potential buyer researching YOU might see this and then back off to find another seller who appears to know more. After all–“the lights are on, but nobody’s home”.

Oh, guess who doesn’t have a profile anymore?

A glittering career lies in ruins!

No more spam from him. Do I detect a note of sarcasm?

So he was a spammer who had no idea what to do if someone actually took him up on whatever he did?

Hm. Definitely a dim lightbulb in this home.

No light at the end of his tunnel.

The empty void welcomes him with its deathly cold embrace.

Leaving behind only the silence of questions which have no answers.