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Where in fiverr do I find companies posting the work they need done?


Hello and happy almost Friday Fiverr team & everyone reading this post:

I am an new on fiverr as you can see.

All I see is a sea of designers posting the gigs they wish to get “gig requests”. Does fiverr support this idea the other way around? If this feature is not yet available then Please make it available already. Or if I am blind please show me the light.

I basically want to pick up a gig that has been generated by a company and not me the designer telling you and dictating “this is the job I want!”. Is it too much to ask for? Let me know your thoughts fiverr team.

I will be more active as I become more familiar with this app. Thank you for speedy reply.

Wishing a great end of the week.

Art Director


Hello Andres and a good day to you too.

While it´s rumoured that staff may read the one or other category on the forum :wink: like Bugs and Site Suggestions, and sometimes post or are seen in the one or other News thread or such, this is mainly a peer to peer forum, and when you´re posting here, chances are you´ll ‘only’ get replies from other sellers/buyers.

Fiverr does support all ways. It´s all there, just look at your main page, top menu bar, footer links and you´ll find.

People/companies can browse the seller´s gigs/services and pick and contact the seller or buy a gig right-out, or they can post their Requests in the Buyer Request section (main page > Selling > Buyer Requests), you should be able to see the relevant posts for your gigs (Gigs are your offerings of services/products to buyers) - but I can´t see any gigs on your profile page though, so… if you haven´t created any gigs, you won´t be able to see any Buyer Requests relevant for the categories you´d have your gigs in.

Once you have created and ‘published’ a gig in, say, logo design, with relevant tags, you´ll have it in the logo design category and will see Buyer Requests for logo design, if you have a gig in the SEO category, you´ll see relevant Buyer Requests for that category, etc. (you´ll unfortunately see a lot of seller´s ads there too, which is not allowed, though, and considered spam, disregard those)

Here are some links which tell you all you need to know to get started, and in addition, you can make use of the forum for lots of additional info, either browse the categories like ‘Tips for Sellers’ to find what you´re interested in, or use the search function. :mag:

HTH :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you Kindly for your reply miiila.

My question was more on where or how do i get acces to those buyer requests sections? I am not interested in creating a gig or advertising my skill set but rather picking up a project directly from the company that needs it.

Is there a dashboard listing the company gigs or job requests? Or is my only choice left for doing work through the sellers gigs/services tab?

I am more interested in just picking up a project, rather than detailing what I can or can’t do and just waiting sitting around for a company to buy my gig/service.

Hopefully you get my point.

Thank you.


You can have a look in the ‘buyer requests’ section, but you can only access it when you have at least one gig up.

However, if you put more gigs up (you can have 7 as a newcomer) in different categories/subcategories, you’ll see more relevant buyer requests.


By creating a gig or gigs. Then you’ll be able to see what buyers need done (if it’s in the same category as your gigs; for example, if you offer design, you won’t see when someone needs a book written), and apply for projects.


You´re welcome. Yes, I got your point, but I fear my answer still applies.
You need to put up at least one gig to be able to see Buyer Requests or so a buyer/company can ‘find you by browsing’.

For instance, I have only 1 gig up at the moment, for translation, from English into German, so when I access Buyer Requests via Top Menu Bar > Selling > Buyer Requests, I can see all requests Buyers posted in the translation category for English to German.
I do have a paused gig in transcription and copy writing too, for instance, but I can not currently see any Buyer Requests for those, as the gigs are paused - you can only see Buyer Requests relevant for your active gig(s).

There is no way around setting up at least 1 gig in order to access Buyer Requests or get into contact with potential buyers - which makes sense, too, since then potential buyers can first check out sellers’ gig descriptions to see whether they even want to get in touch with a seller at all.

Sellers only can contact buyers who contacted them first (either after the buyer did some ‘browsing sellers/gigs’ and used the contact button (or directly ordered the gig) or after the seller sent them an offer to their request from the request section), which is needed to keep buyers from being inundated with spam messages.

I hope that made it a bit clearer.


so i have recently joined as well… and for started i am searching the forum for questions i have … i did create a gig but i still have been unable to see any buyer request in that category… i was wondering if it was a bug? because surely there can’t be zero requests in the book cover category.


I’ve seen some new users mention that they see no buyer requests, and only start seeing them after they’ve spent some time on Fiverr.


it’s been a week i am pretty regular here… on forum reading posts as well as checking on my profile as well… nothing as yet showing in the buyer request area… so strange


Forum has nothing to do with it, it’s just a place where you can talk to people, ask questions, (maybe) get answers…


i am aware of that… it was just a general thing that i said.