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Where in the Fiverr Help Center is a breakdown of how portfolio items get added?

My specific question:
Where in the Fiverr Help Center is a breakdown of how portfolio items get added into a sellers Gig page?

Some Details:
For example, as a seller, I want to know exactly how the process works for me (the seller)… AND for the buyer. I want to know what the screen looks like on their end (the buyer)- where they get the option to include item into the seller’s portfolio. How does the process work for them? What does it look like? When does it occur? Etc, etc.

If I send/deliver multiple items in the order… what does it look like for the buyer when it comes to them selecting the item for the portfolio? Do they even get the option to choose from each individual item if there are multiples? How does this work? Do only certain items take priority over others for the portfolio system? Which file types will work, and which file types won’t work- to be shown in a seller’s portfolio section?

These are things I’d really like to learn more about so I can have a better strategy to improve my Gig’s performance.

Thank you for your time!

I’m hoping all of what I mentioned is listed in the Help Center and I just missed it somehow. If it’s not in there… who do we need to talk to in order to get these types of things in there?

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Here’s some info:

I can’t answer everything,but I’ll do my best:
When you deliver your order, you can choose one image or video to appear on your live portfolio. This will only be added if your buyer agrees to it when they accept your order.


So in other words, the information I’m looking for is not in there? I appreciate your response, but if Fiverr is going to be taking 20% of my income, that information should (IMO) be in the help center for us to understand all of the processes involved- in detail.

I’m sure CS would be able to help you further.


None of us on the forum are actually anything to do with Fiverr - we’re all just buyers and sellers like you.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you have a lot of experience with opening tickets for logistic things about the system- in this case, when you can’t find something you’re looking for? I’m curious to see if this is a common occurrence (and whether or not change takes place from buyers+sellers logistic inquiries) before fully investing a stake in here…

I can’t see it’s an issue to be fair - the article from the help centre plus the info I gave explains how the live portfolio works. It’s designed to be simple and it does actually work as it’s supposed to.

There is a ‘site suggestion’ section of the forum where you can add any suggestions you think could improve the system as a whole. :sunny:


I’m not taking one side or the other, it’s not a matter about being fair from my standpoint. It’s about understanding what I might be getting myself into. Same applies for the processes involved such as the Portfolio- a crucial piece of the puzzle which can be strategically utilized to its full potential in efforts to make a sale.

I understand how the Portfolio works on the surface level, so I do appreciate you pointing it out in case I didn’t. The reason I would like to know more about the behind the scenes (buyer perspective + UX) is to really get an understanding of how it works as a whole… so I can strategically capitalize on all of the creative possibilities that I can work with… to again… help drive in the sale. When that information is not disclosed to a sales person or sales team, the system becomes questionable- and may be slanted.

In this case, my question to you comes back to:

Is the SIte Suggestion area within the Forum the exception? Does Fiverr pull from this?

Hopefully you can understand that I’m simply trying to understand how things work around here.

Fiverr Staff (sometimes) read this forum. However, I wouldn’t rely heavily on the forum to let your voice be heard. Send a message to CS, so that way, your query lands in the hands of the correct department. Then you can interact one on one with a CS agent to address your questions or concerns.


Which option should I choose if I’m simply trying to find information about something like this?Clipboard05

^I found General Inquiry under Account Issues. I’ll just do that. Thanks for the feedback, all! :slight_smile:

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