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Where in the world are "buyer requests"?

On almost every other freelance Web site, the first thing you notice are tons of project ads that you can bid on once you become a member.

On Fiverr, it’s the complete opposite. The only thing you can find is ads for freelancers. In theory, I like this, the idea that I don’t have to sift through ads all day, desperately hoping someone will hire me. I like the idea that I can just post my own ad and lots of people will contact me.

Except no one contacts me! So, the theory doesn’t work very well. My solution would be to go back to bidding. Except I can’t seem to do this on Fiverr. I’d heard about this mysterious thing called a “Buyer Request” but I have no idea where to find it. I’ve searched every menu, and it’s nowhere.

So, I spend time on other freelance sites where I have more control over my own destiny. If only Fiverr made bidding easier, then I might spend more time here.


Thank me later

And that’s why fiverr is different :woman_shrugging: There is no point in creating a product that everyone else already using so fiverr came up with this idea where you don’t even need to do anything but sit and wait when someone will place an order

And even with buyer requests don’t put your hopes high because they are restricting amount of offers you can see on each level and sometimes it’s 0.


I appreciate that. Fiverr makes my life easier :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@matthew24239 find in this way-

Dashboard>more>buyer request .

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