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Where is a customized gig?

I got my first order. It s frustrating, I cudnot find a customized gig.


@patchareeschebb usually when a buyer contacts you, and you discuss things with him/her.
then upon mutual understanding and discussion you sent him/her a custom order directly from chat window, where you are typing chat, there is an option “Create Custom order”.

Thank you, but I only see Create an Offer window.

That is the window/option where you create a custom offer. it will be sent via message to buyer,

Thank you for your quick help, but I did not see it. I am wondering if I have missed sth on the setting.

As @shahnawazbbc said, the “create offer” IS how you offer customised gigs.

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Great, after being confused and disoriented, thank you two of you. I now realise what Custom Offer is and I did it.

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Glad you could sort it :slight_smile: