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Where is a link to edit your gig?


Hi, I’m here now for a couple of days and can’t find a way to quickly get to my gig and edit the contents. Now I search for myself and do it that way, but it seems an odd way to do it. Anyone know what I am missing? Thanks


If you click on your profile through your avatar on the top right. You’ll have your gigs displayed there. Click on the gig you want to edit, and there’s a big green “Edit Gig” button on the right.

Otherwise, hover the avatar. My sales>My gigs. Then there’s a little arrow (drop down menu) on each gig, on the right, that gives you the Edit option.

It shouldn’t be this hard though. The entire site is complicated to navigate, not intuitive at all.


You already received the answer to your question.

But please keep in mind that even the smallest change in the uploaded documents means that your gig should be re-approved. This is actually great and shows that fiverr work hard to preserve the quality of the services here.

However it did catch us by surprise, so keep it in mind :slight_smile:


I had this problem and the above feedback did not help. However I found a solution that might work for you.

What you do is search for your gig posting in the search area just like some other person would. Then click on your link as if you were someone else going to look at it. It is here that you get that ‘big green button’ saying edit your post.

I never go this option if I went to my gig through the ‘dashboard’ way.