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Where is a list of my loves?


I went through 75 pages and loved the gigs I’m considering contacting. So how do I find a list of my loves without going through the 75 pages again?


Do you mean your ‘Favorites’?
If so, go under the ‘Buying’ menu. You’ll see the option that clearly says ‘Favorites’.


I don’t know I’m new to this I don’t know how to do favorites so I hit the heart thinking I would have a list somewhere


Tried to put a link, but it wouldn’t have made any sense.

If you go to and look down the page it’ll say ‘Gigs You’ve Added To Your Favorites’ - you can click the word ‘favorites’ and it’ll take you to your collections - you’ll find your favourites in there. :slightly_smiling_face:


favoriting gigs = :heart:ing gigs


Dear just remember the Favorite word, you will found it in there :slight_smile: