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Where is a seller's gig portfolio

I asked to see a seller’s last few projects and he said they were in his gig portfolio. But I’ve searched his page, and his gig’s page and can’t find a link to any portfolio. I even tried cmd-F and there’s nothing labeled portfolio. And I see lots of places telling you where to edit your portfolio, so I know it exists. But where does a buyer view it?

Thank you.

Open the seller’s gig and you will see a small arrow on the right side of the gig image. When you click on the image, it will show you the seller’s porfolio. Keep on clicking on the arrow and see all of the available porfolio.
Hope it helps…


Oh, I have an adblocker ABP & Privacy Badger, and they were blocking the other portfolio items from loading. Might want to have your dev team to look into that. Thanks for your help.

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you are always welcome :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, no one here on the forum is from the dev team. We’re all just buyers and sellers like yourself :sweat_smile:
If only we could fix bugs like that for ourselves…