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Where is admin!?

PLS LOOK AT THE FORUM SOME UNKNOW TEAM OR GROUP SPAM THE FORUM, Already reported many times but no result!

So make this thread

Dude, calm down! We’ve been aware of the spam for days, but it’s been generated by bots and the forum team had to spend time manually deleting hundreds of posts each time it hit. In the meantime, developers had to work on a way to counter the bots. It’s not a fast process in some cases and we don’t have very many people on at the same time.

The forum users who do a lot of the deletions do not get paid for this and have their own gigs to work on too. The forum is not a necessity for you to use Fiverr or complete your work, so when it happens, just click report and be very patient. If the spam fills up the forum, we’ll get it eventually but until we do, just go do something else. It’s nothing to panic over.