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Where is Buyer Request on Drop Down Menu?

I am unable to find the Buyer Request page on a Drop Down Menu
I contacted support a couple times about this with no response from them
How can I locate the Buyer Request Link or Page?

Been trying to figure this out for about a month and would be grateful
for any help?

Thank you
Zot Videos

Log into your account. Then try this link :anchor: it should take you where you need to go.

Yes, that works. Thank you

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Actually, the reason you can’t see it is because it’s there with a different name. Next time, just click on the selling tab and click on “send quotes”, that’s the new name. You won’t have to be copying and pasting the link all the time.


Thanks for answering

I don’t see “Send Quotes” on my selling tab??

No - it’s gone back to being ‘buyer requests’ - they changed it, and changed it back again! :grinning:

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In the selling part :smiley:

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This should be marked as best answer - Fiverr CS should consider ability to mark a response as “best answer”, like Quora. Everything before this was confusing - read this, clicked on selling, and bam there it was. :slight_smile: