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Where is buyer section?

May i have link of buyer section ?
And what is this section for can anyone elaborate ?

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When you login, under the Selling menu, you’ll see Buyer Requests. In this section, buyers will make a post asking for work to be done, if you have a gig that matches there request, offer your gig to them.

Make wise offers, you only get 10 per day. Use all 10 daily if you can.

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You can only see requests in the same category as the gigs you offer. Since you have no gigs yet, you can’t see Buyer Requests.


How to creat gigs ?
Well m using smart phone

I think you can’t do it from a phone. You’ll need a desktop computer or a laptop for that.

Maybe it can be done with a mobile browser, but creating a gig from a phone sounds like a pain.

Anyway, here’s the Help section with a lot of useful stuff:

And here’s how to create a gig:


I agree, creating a gig from a cell phone would be extremely difficult.

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Thank you so much guys :slight_smile:

It took me at least one hour to find this answer. Hey, I am a NEW buyer, with little experiance. I have no gigs to offer (right now) as a buyer. Before I wanted to post my own Buyers Request, I wanted to look how other buyers describe their projects. I posted my buyers request without ever haveing seen the Buyers Request section. CRAZY. Now i will create a gig, only to have access to this section. As a NEWBIE it is hard to find an answer. Example: Only in the FORUM you can search for help. On the Main Page, if you search for “Buyer Request”, it lists tons of gigs by sellers who cleverly use keyword “Buyer Request” in the titel of their gig. Took me another day to decide to join a FORUM to get the answer under which link the BUYERS REQUESTS are listed. WOW: Buyers cannot see the Buyers Requests. I am not amused.

This topic is nearly three years old… and ended nearly three years ago. Please don’t dig up old posts; start a new one, with a new topic.

Way too often, they do it poorly.

I guess that the developers never thought of the possibility that a buyer would want to see what other requests look like.

The search on the main site is for finding gigs, it’s a catalogue of services (it even says, in the Search box, “Find Services”); if you had scrolled down, you would have found the Help & Support link.

Here it is, click on it, then on “I’m a Buyer”, and you’ll find a lot of information:

For example, here’s what you can find about posting a request:

Thank you @catwriter for the links. I had surfed them and learnt a lot. But, as said, I did not find a link to the page which lists “Buyers Requests”. I would also recommend NEW SELLERS, who have never published a GIG, first look in the “Buyers Request” site, to browse through the buyers requests and learn, what gigs the buyers look for. However, I have learnt, that you can only see BUYERS REQUESTS for Gigs, if you are a SELLER of the same Category. So, as a new seller, you can just see, how other sellers describe their gigs, but not how buyers describe their needs. Think about it, Fiverr

Sorry, the TOS says, that I should not start a new topic if there already is one. And as you see, this old question is still up todate, At least for me. Thanks for understanding.

Books of 30,000 words for $5, and similar nonsense.

Not all of them, of course, but way too many.

Buyer Requests section was meant as an afterthought, anyway. There are other bidding platforms if that’s what one needs; the idea of Fiverr is that buyers browse through available gigs and purchase the one they like best.

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No, the TOS does not. The forum has a separate, though, in some cases, related, set of rules.

You are continuing a three-year-old topic. Starting a new one, that focuses around your own opinion, seems prudent. After all, the FORUM rules also state: “Each message posted is owned by and the opinion of the original poster.” You are welcome to start a new topic, three years later, around your own opinion. This original conversation did end almost three years ago.

@catwriter did choose to assist you here, though, so, that being the case, perhaps heed this advice for future reference. There are many examples of new forum users grave-digging old posts from years ago, and all of them could have just as easily been started as new topics that don’t resurrect old topics. You’ll note too, that when the happens, there are plenty of other forum users who remind those new forum users not to dig up posts that ended years ago. :wink:

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Okay, understood. Sorry for mixing TOS and other General Terms. I think I have read the most relevant of all of them, but, thanks for advising me that it’s better to open a new issue instead of digging up an old one. I will follow this rule now.

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