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Where is CS?


Ok, what the heck is going on with customer support? I used to get personal responses really quickly, and I always thought cs was fair and helpful. But in the last few months things have…changed. I’m not even getting responses anymore. I don’t open a lot of tickets, but I do run into problems from time to time and need someone on the other end.

Today’s twitter feed was full of people complaining about old tickets not being answered. I understand they’re busy, but come on! Waiting a week to hear back isn’t acceptable. And no answer at all?!


Here are some examples of the response times:

Sent: Dec 23 00:32

Received: Dec 23 20:27

Hours(s): 19 hours and 55 minutes

Sent: Dec 26 07:35

Received: Dec 26 10:20

Hour(s): 3 hours and 15 minutes

Sent: Jan 05 05:01

Received: Jan 05 14:17

Hour(s): 9 hours and 16 minutes

Sent: Jan 08 13:25

Received: Jan 08 13:35

Hour(s): 10 minutes

Sent: Jan 09 07:43

Received: Jan 09 13:37

Hour(s): 5 hours and 54 minutes

Those are the 5 most recent emails I have sent CS. The last email (Jan 09) is a long discussion, all having a response time within 10 minutes after the initial email.


Not to sound like I’m glad to hear you’re having problems too, but I’m glad to hear that top rated sellers are also experiencing this. It means that CS in general is probably lacking enough staff to handle the amount of users the site has. The amount of created gigs has grown A LOT this trimester.

Hopefully they will get this issue under control soon. All we can do in the mean time is continue to handle business as usual. Unfortunately sometimes we need CS to handle certain issues and this is when the delayed responses become a problem.


Have to say, the customer service on Fiverr is woeful. Somebody really needs to step in with my seller and ask him what on earth is going on. He has completely wasted my time and there is absolutely nothing I can do apart from wait for him to deign to answer my queries. This was my first time trying Fiverr and definitely my last!


Don’t be discouraged by one issue. You are bound to find bad sellers here Just like it happens offline. There are many of us who take this job very seriously though.


I’ve been waiting for since October to have two tickets responded to, so you’re not the only one. I used to get responses in 20 minutes now it’s more like days - have made a ticket in about a months so I can only image how clogged up it is.

The obviously need more CS staff. :


What’s your secret, kjiblynx?


Support are currently experiencing high volume, hold tight someone will come around to you.



Reply to @kjblynx: I agree. All my emails have been answered in at least 12 hours.


My trick to getting a fast response is to put it in the “problems with order” category, even if it has nothing to do with that. They answer that category immediately (obviously, because it’s all about $$$$$$$$)


Reply to @alliemadison12: Awesome! Thanks!


Reply to @alliemadison12: Thank you for the tip!


Reply to @alliemadison12 and @fayestap: But then you’re cheating the system and this is what makes support times extended for everyone else. I would recommend you select the correct category for your issue and not one to just expedite your request that has nothing to do with the option you select.


Here is my awesome tip for quick response:

Send them a direct email at

you’re welcome.


Reply to @bachas85: I have 99% of the time received under 24 hour responses, from REAL people whom I have had REAL discussion with. One issue required around 10 emails, and after the first one took roughly 12 hours to get a response, the rest were instant.


Reply to @bachas85: I am very grateful I have never experienced any long waits. I think I had to wait 2-3 days once or twice during Christmas, but that was completely understandable. :slight_smile:


@ozzieuk I will stop “cheating the system” when it actually works properly.One time recently, I had a very important technical issue that need to be fixed. It took an entire week. After a week, I put in a request into the “orders” category and it was fixed immediately. I’m not about to let my sales suffer because they don’t check certain inquiry categories.


I think the response time will vary depending on the problem. Sometimes I will get an immediate answer to a problem other times not so quick. I had one ticket that was over 2 months old without a response. They either could not provide a solution or it got lost in Ticket Heaven. The easy ones get a quick response, the tougher ones may take longer but it would be nice if they would let you know the status when it takes longer for them to reply. The two month ticket I posted a few times – “any help or update on this” but no response so I gave up.