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I have written Fiverr for 3 months and no one responds anymore. Not only do I have problems with buyers but the email I’m supposed to receive to release my funds to PayPal is not longer being forwarded. No one is responding to Fiverr and I’m about ready to report them to the BBB and government agencies for fraud. Anyone having luck communicating with Fiverr? Not having luck?


A little slower than normal, however Fiverr Support has responded to my tickets.

Do you have a recent support ticket #?


Wow. It’s fascinating to me—being so green and new to this fiverr community— how much vitriol some people, who have made TRS, have. Aren’t TRSs supposed to get priority treatment when it comes to Customer Support ? Reporting Fiverr to the BBB is not going to help you here, I’m afraid. If I were you, I would launch a tweet campaign to get their attention. If you are constantly bombarding @fiverr with “#Where’s my money fool!!!”, I am sure S/He will manifest the will to help you. :smiley: