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Where is customer services and what is an appropriate waiting time for a revision?

Hi… this is my first experience of Fiverr… I don’t know what to expect following requesting a revision… ie time scale? I originally bought an upgrade to the gig to get it quicker and I did get the gig within 24 hours I was underwhelmed as some of my requirements were not taken into account but hey… that’s life… however, I have contacted the seller (revision plus 2 more times asking for an ETA) and no response? It is 9 hours since I put my request in… So how do you get in touch with customer services? It isn’t obvious… and what happens if I cancel my order is my money refunded? I can’t find that in FAQs… I am a newbie here… I originally posted this on someone else’s thread but perhaps it’s appropriate for me to start my own thread… I have found the site not that easy to navigate either… where is the Customer Services button?

Help… please…

There might be a time difference between you and the seller, this might explain the delayed response. You can always cancel and you will get a refund but the 0.50 fee I think will not be refunded to your Fiverr account. You can contact —> Customer Support , but it can take a couple of days for them to reply. Good luck and welcome to Fiverr.

Like annai80 said, there could be a time difference. Plus we’re not sure what type of work you requested so there’s no real grasp of the work load. In addition, they are possibly tending to other customers’ orders in addition to your own.

Try waiting a bit longer.

Hmmm. I understand the timezone issue, but I think it is very unprofessional for a seller to not give at least an ETA of when the buyer can expect at least a “proof” of the work with his/her modifications in place. 9 hours seems a little too long in my opinion. I have my cell phone by my bed and if I get a Fiverr notification from my buyer, I get up and respond. But, I’m new on Fiverr, and want to grow my business. This might be a little extreme for some sellers. :slight_smile: