Where is customer support?!


I submitted a ticket 5 days ago to withdraw the leftover $140 on my account because I paid good money for 2 gigs that both failed to complete projects, either on time, or over-promising their skills and thus failing to complete the project as described. I use Fiverr a lot and assumed that recovering my money from a failed job wouldn’t lead to a sudden and complete lack of communication from Fiverr. As if the problem will go away if they avoid requests like this. Fiverr’s Marketing currently has the 2 taglines “In Doers we Trust” and “Show your Customers Some Love.” Apparently the marketing team doesn’t speak the same language as support.

Perhaps Fiverr is following in PayPal’s footsteps, lack of onsite management and incompetence behind the scenes?

It seems unlawful to hold someone’s money hostage and force users to spend it back on Fiverr. This looks like a class action lawsuit in the making if this company doesn’t act faster to resolve practical and simple issues like this.


You’ve been on this site since 2011.
Have you asked CS for withdrawal of funds to source before?