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Where is Fiverr headquarters and where does it pay taxes?


I heard it is in Isreal but the ToS says it’s in Cyprus. It’s very important to me and I need to know it as soon as possible.


Their HQ is in Israel, they have a NYC office as well.

If you need to know ASAP where they pay taxes, I suggest contacting Customer Support.

(though I can’t possibly imagine why you would need to know that or how it would affect you)


I doubt they will tell you where they pay taxes.


Why you need to know it?


But doesn’t ToS say it’s “Lemesou 11, 2112 Nicosia, Cyprus”? And I need to know this because I happen to live in a very oppressive country where beaurocrats want to control everything and if someone gives me money (i.e. Fiverr) I need to tell them where they paid their taxes…


But what if it’s a big company who won’t tell you? Everyone who pays you has to tell you where they pay taxes? Why?

Fiverr is an international company and probably earns money in many countries. It probably pays the bulk of them in Israel since it is an Israeli company.


It’s something about how if someone who pays me money is a taxpayer in an EU country, I have to report it somewhere or something…


It depends on the country the company is legally organized in which is Israel.

Cyprus is probably where they have their banking operations which has nothing to do with where they pay taxes.


All that I really need to know is if Fiverr doesn’t officially pay taxes (especially VAT) in any EU country. If it doesn’t or at least there isn’t any way to tell if it does, I suppose I can sleep soundly at night… for now.


That would be the case if individual buyers were paying you by PayPal etc. - if you were earning enough to be registered for VAT, then your clients would have to be charged VAT on top and you would have to keep records.

As Fiverr is acting as an intermediary, it’s up to them to charge VAT etc. where necessary - you don’t need to worry about it. :sunny:


Yeah, but I don’t know if it applies to the stupid regulations in my country. It says that if you sell services internationally to someone in an EU country who pays taxes in this country, you have to report it somewhere, and technically it’s Fiverr who pays you so it’s like selling services to Fiverr which is located in another country…


Maybe you need to find a Polish accountant to help you?


Yeah but it can take days if not weeks, and I need to know it now…


Sorry we can’t help! :slightly_smiling_face:


If by “this country” you mean Israel then you have your answer. If it is NOT Israel then you don’t have to report it according to what you said.

You can safely assume they pay Israeli taxes.