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Where is Fiverr Located? [RESOLVED]

What is this foreign transaction surcharge? I haven’t purchase on Fiverr in a while so where is Fiverr and why am I getting a foreign charge? I’m in the US?

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Fiverr has offices in the US and TEL AVIV, Israel

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I think Fiverr is situated in Tel Aviv, Israel primarily with a country office in US !

Fiverr Corporate Office Headquarters

3514 International Drive Northwest

Washington, DC 20008 USA

(that’s the address of the Israeli Embassy by the way.)

Fiverr International Ltd.

14 HaMelacha St. Binyamina 30500, PoBox :355


Corporate Phone Number: 72-54-484-3988


Thank you all for answering the payments must be from the Isreal area. That explains the international fee.

When I call…this number shows up as a number in Russia

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Reply to @gardmil: This number from the post above searched on Google shows up as Israel, but the post that has the number is from a year ago so it might not even be the same. Either way, the answer to the original question is still the same as to where Fiverr is located.

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