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Where is Fiverr Portfolio?

I saw this My Portfolio option in the profile of a seller.

Does anyone know how to activate it? Because I cannot find it at Fiverr Help Center or even on Google.

Maybe this is a new addition to the site but anyone with any info about it?


yes they just added this feature.

just click on “view my portfolio” and create entries.


@frank_d, I think my profile is taking time to get updated. :confused: No sign of portfolio.

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I don’t see the portfolio thing in my profile :<


It will get updated shortly maybe.

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I’m sorry I thought you already had it.

if it’s not there, that means it’s not there for your category.

As far as I know, there was no official announcement on it yet.


Hey, @capri2794,

we have also having a same problem, as you because we don’t see my portfolio link.
They we will update soon, i think :smile:


Yes, hopefully it will be. :slight_smile:

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i have seen it on your profile
but how can i add it on my profile
can you help me please

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i think I am not being clear:

it is not available to all members.




how does it work, though? Can you select from your delivered orders? It’d be nice if we could access those - and then maybe also be able to delete stuff from the gallery. /hoping

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I can’t see the Portfolio feature in my profile. Why?

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Read the posts above and you’ll find out! :slight_smile:

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Let us know if you find any information on it. Hoping to have it on my account soon!

i think, right now this Portfolio option is only for the TOP rated sellers.
maybe we have to wait for the next fiverr update… :slight_smile: :wink:


Hope it turns out to be for everyone. Contacted customer support to ask. Will let everyone know


I’m not sure but I agree with you

I think this only for the top rated seller!

Dear all,
Portfolio means to showcase your work to your buyers before they buy your gig. Most of the time when your gig reached to huge orders, then Fiverr ask to add a portfolio work so that the buyer could test your work before he buy.

Fiverr Customer Support says it should be showing up for everyone. Not sure why.