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Where is it best to promote my Gigs?

I want to know in which forums, websites or social networks I can promote my Fiverr services, I have already tried Facebook groups (where there are also buyers), Twitter with hashtags, creating pages about my business and I have not had results, I can not promote my services among my friends and family since I live in Venezuela and the economic situation is very bad, the minimum wage converted to dollars are just $2, here in my country IS VERY DIFFICULT TO HAVE DOLLARS, so nobody will be able to buy me, since the little money we earn is used to buy food. My intention in this publication is not to give pity, what I want is that you can help me know in what pages I can offer my services and increase my sales (outside my country), I’m selling in Fiverr as a way to get ahead. :venezuela: :+1:

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Hi Samuel!

One of your target groups is people who have YT channels, so there’s no better place to advertise those skills - thumbnail images etc. than on YT. You could put together a quick video of example thumbnails, covers etc.

It’s easy enough to find folks on YT who aren’t using thumbnails - you could put a quick video explaining why a thumbnail would help them. Have a look around for anybody who’s got a popular YT channel but isn’t using thumbnails and ask them to have a look at your channel - all your videos would lead back to your gig of course. That way not you’re not putting anyone under pressure,you’re just giving them useful info. Comment on their videos as well (not please buy my stuff obviously!).

You can check out FB for similar business pages as well - videos but no thumbnails.

Hope this helps a bit. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you very much! I really hadn’t thought of that, I’ll try!

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Welcome here, I’m really appreciate that you have chosen great Subject. This skill never frustrate you. Facebook is great platform to getting some view, click. Share you gigs in LinkedIn is more good with hash tags for finding google. Share your gig with friends too not for getting order Just for promoting.

and also you need to put your price at the beginning $5 you can find it in

Cheer you!

No you don’t - the ToS don’t say that you’ve got to start at $5 - they say that they can cost from $5 - i.e. not less than $5. :wink:

I already said that social networking has not worked for me and I also said why I can not share my Gigs with my friends.

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I know itsn’t work but It will work At least one time Try and I just said for promoting!

Don’t forget Instagram - your gigs are graphics based - ideal for Insta, and Pinterest as well, where you can also share your videos BTW.

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You don’t understand my situation.

I will also try in those social media, the truth has helped me a lot, May God bless you and have many orders, Thank you!

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I know your emotion I even like you too. I didn’t express to other, your target is fiverr I think we might not get buyer form other websites It’s just for promotion getting views,click and impression as well. and don’t forget reddit as well before share you gig there check the privacy.

make some Attraction offer like this you can offer two image with $5 after then you can change you price again but the first time it will be good If you can!

Cheer you!