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Where is my 100%?

A buyer [fragglesrock] order my gig and the description wasn’t clear enough which I told him… I delivered the job and He gave me a negative rating and review which we later cancelled the order mutually but still my rating is still 96% instead of going back to the 100%. what did fiverr want me to do again to clear me back to my 100%

Ask the buyer to remove the review.
Refunding does not remove the review. It just refunds the money.
If buyer cannot remove it for you, ask CS to do it for you.
EDIT: I could be wrong so someone correct me if I am.

I’m not really sure about that, you should contact CS.

As @funkygfx stated, a cancellation doesn’t nullify the review. Either the concerned buyer has to remove it voluntarily or you have to contact customer support for that.

@dadoc93, @funkygfx:

Actually, a cancellation “can” nullify a review. The other party must agree to the mutual cancellation though. If you file for a mutual cancellation and let the clock expire without the buyer agreeing, the order will be cancelled and the bad review will remain. If this wasn’t your experience, then CS should be able to resolve.

Reply to @tsweezey: oh ok. So you can send for a mutual cancellation even after the order is completed? Reviews can be left only on completed orders, correct?

Reply to @funkygfx: Yes, if an order is complete and the buyer leaves a negative review, the review should go away if the buyer agrees to a mutual cancellation. And yes… reviews can only be left after an order is delivered/complete. So if you, or the buyer, file for a cancellation “before” the order is complete, there’s no opportunity to leave feedback.

Curiously, you might experience more problems with a $5 gig order, than more expensive orders. Buyers of a $5 order are often more critical and less tolerant and forgiving than buyers who spend more. For most buyers, they’d be happy to get an account credit/refund for an order of $10,$15, or more if their needs weren’t met. The $5 buyer might well spend that much for the satisfaction of having their voice heard.

My suggestion… always do the best you can, but when it comes to the $5 gigs orders, be on extra high alert for potential problems or a disconnect in expectations. Those are the ones likely to bite you!