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Where is my design?


Placed an order for a logo and after a couple of revisions, I accepted the design.

But I’ve not received the files. The only thing I’ve noticed is that the watermark has been removed from the preview images that the seller sent.

But I want to know where my high quality images are? The order was also meant to include a vector image but I’ve not received that either.

Am I missing something?


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Hey! I’ve had some buyers asking me where the files were after delivery so I assume they can be not very obviously placed if you are new to Fiverr but if the seller delivered and you accepted - they are definitely somewhere in the order page. Just go to ‘my orders’, find the one and it should be there :slight_smile: also, are you sure the gig included the the vector file?

Did you accept the design (while there was still a watermark) and then seller delivered another one without a watermark?

Also, perhaps you just need to follow up again with the seller with the certain images you requested if he/she has failed or probably forgotten to attach such or clarify with the seller on everything with regards to your order.