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Where is my fault?


Why i can not get any order…I share my gig on social media day by day, But can not get any result.


You need to remove that heading and just put a normal sentence without a link as links are not allowed in headings according to the forum rules.


probably because your video edits in the demo video look very unprofessional (is that comic sans???) and it is obvious that the videos you are using are stolen. so, you give yourself a bad rep.


Where is my fault?

  • Comic Sans.

  • The sample would be convincing if based upon some original footage, for example something that has been shot with a phone or a camera.

  • Comic Sans.


yes my dear friend you should follow the rules of forum.


It may be your own video thats letting you down

You need to get more imaginative with the titles. There are some amazing free tutorials on youtube. Just search ‘after effects tutorials’. A lot of them are pretty simple to follow.

and please, no comic sans??

  1. Correct the grammar: title should be at least “I will do professional video editing”. Put a space after each period. and try to polish your writing, If you’re not that good in English, buyers will avoid you for the hustle.

  2. You should show original work, not music videos.

  3. Lower your prices. for a seller with 0 reviews, you need to make your offers as competitive as possible.

  4. Don’t eve use Comic Sans, It’s associated with everything unprofessional in this world.


Hopefully you understand where is your fault


The user seems to be removed. No need to answer on this one.