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Where is my favourite list?

The option to save gigs as favourite seems to be gone just recently…i had collected many for possible purchases later.This is really not helpful for the buyers at all,and in fact really annoying.You are not improving your site if you continue like this…


I had a bunch of saved lists - in various separate categories - of gigs for possible purchase. They are now SUDDENLY GONE. This is very disruptive and disappointing. Does anyone have any info about how to get the lists back?

Hey, hope you are doing well. You can visit this page to view your saved lists.

If the saved gigs have disappeared from this page as well, you’ll not be able to get them back but usually they never disappear automatically.

Let me know if that link helps you.
Thanks a lot

Most of my lists have disappeared from that page as well.
I had 8 or 10 lists and only two remain. It’s discouraging.

Thank you for your suggestion. I appreciate it.

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Yes, that’s discouraging. Hope you find good sellers again!

Press “Switch to buying” on top right - “List” will appear there.

He can see his lists, but he’s saying that various gigs that he saved have been disappeared from there. That’s not really something good.