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Where is my Forum POST?

I posted in TIPS FOR SELLERS section few hours back and now i can’t find my thread in New Forum. Any help ?

Give it time and check other categories. The new forum will need a few hours to fully populate. In addition, settings have been put in place to discourage the use of Tips for posts that belong better elsewhere. I don’t know what you posted, but check back in several hours if you don’t find it. If it’s a critical issue, contact Customer Support.

Thanks admin. I posted about the milestone i have completed i.e $2500 and want to help new seller by purchasing their interesting gigs as a token of thanks to Fiverr, community and buyers.

I think i should wait until forum become fully functional because Customer Support already experiencing high volume of tickets.

I hope we will have separate option to track our own comments and discussion like we had in old Forum.