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Where is my gig in search?

How can I find my gig in Fiverr search instead of manually going through every page?
Is there any quick way to know at what page my gig exists?


Ha ha. I think that is the only way as you described.

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Use filters…


Perhaps copy the whole title and past in the search menu

Don’t just search for keywords

The way I had to find my gig was to go to the category my gig is filed under, narrow the results down by price, delivery time, language and by selecting ‘Recommended’ from the drop down menu. The results were 6 pages long and I was on page 5.

If you just created the gig then it may be under the ‘New’ section of the drop and if it has some sales then it may be under the ‘Best Seller’ section.

I understand what you’re saying. It would be nice if they told you which page number your gig was within each category, but it’s not a feature at the moment.

Sometimes it’ll take a little while before your gig shows up. If you advertise your gig to personal networks, and get a few 5-star reviews, you’ll see your gig popup out of nowhere on the 2nd-3rd page.

Play around with it anyway and be patient. It can take a while before you see your gig show up.

I think by doing this, its not gonna tell me where and on which page do I stand.

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Yes @josiah_roche I know it takes time, but the problem is that for the particular service there are more than 20K searches, and I think its gonna take me 2hrs to go through all the pages to find my gig and to know where I stand. Thats why I asked if there probably is some easier way to find that.
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

You are very right roze

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