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Where is my gig?!


Hi, I did just finish two good orders that were placed at the beginning of last week. However, I notice that my orders since then are down and I couldn’t figure out why. I have a va gig so I checked to see where it was and its not even in that first page with tons of offers! I am on time, have 100% rating and am a level one seller. How can I get to level two if no one can find my gigs!@ Does any one have any suggestions? I do contact at least four or five needed requests per day and have gotten a few ideas. Help me please !


I recommend using good tags for your gigs related to what it is you sell. making sure your title is well written. there is a’lot of competition on fiverr depending on what your offering. I find updating your GIGS From time to time helps. change it about a bit and you will find your GIG will be easy to find


Reply to @chaduk: ty very much I will go do that now


@katylady77 a Fiverr gig is something you have to work at each day and nurture, as the above stated start with the tags. You also have to market your gig, create a social profile for your screen name here on Fiverr, set up Google alerts and basically flood the web with your presence and your gig presence. Welcome to Fiverr and good luck with your gig(s) in 2013


Spam that gig across the net.


Reply to @tn5rr2012: thanks


Yes my gigs are nowhere to be seen after suspending for a week.


Yeah, my advice to you is never put all your egg’s in one basket. The shuffling only happens on first page. Not for niche categories.

" Meant to say not as often, i been following my niche for 11 days straight now, not a single change"


Same issue here, i was thrown off a few days ago. Completely not to be found. Looks like shuffling only happens every 2 -3 weeks.

10 days straight now, no reshuffle for niche category’s


Reply to @routezap:

routezap said: 10 days straight now, no reshuffle for niche category's

That's very concerning. Just another reason for me to look at alternatives.


Reply to @lefttowrite: I don’t like spamming, but I do tweet and use face book and linkedin…


I have the same problem, after reaching level 1 a few days ago, my gig is just not visible any more. Have contacted support 4-5 times. I understand that gigs rotate all the time and that I cannot expect my gig to be at the top of “page” 1 constantly but the problem is that I cannot find it all for any of my keywords.

Anyone else having this issue?


well its funny the fiverr gods must read these blogs I got 3 orders within a day of this post. I will see how I do, just submitted one and am hoping I don’t get another lull, trying to make this my primary income!