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Where is my money at?

I had an order marked complete, i was supposed to be receiving at least $60 all i got was $7 , does someone understand this ?

Make sure it is 14 days after it was marked complete. if not you got paid for another gig you had done that cleared 14 days ago.

otherwise if you can attest to this and 14 days past that your 60 should hit contact customer support on the issues.

Sometimes however I have had a higher amount that didn’t hit until around the 15th or 16th day but is still came to me.

Its best to ust let it come IMO but look out none the less for it.

Not enough information to tell what actually is wrong. When was it marked complete? It takes 14 days for funds to be cleared.

Ok thanks i got my answer, so it takes 14 days !

Reply to @usechen: Click “my sales”, then “my revenues,” then where it says “show everything”, click it and choose “pending clearance” and you will know the exact day that you’ll get your money.

Yes, the waiting period is a pain in the ass, I honestly don’t know why Fiverr does that, maybe it has to do with the computing power of their services, or maybe they want us to accumulate a significant amount before we withdraw our earnings. Either way, I’m used to it, and at this point I try to withdraw the largest possible amounts to save on fees.

Reply to @fastcopywriter:

Its to prevent fruad (credit card, paypal etc.)