Where is my money?


I have given thumbs down to someone because i was not satisfied with their work. I want to know where is my money because i was not satisfied in response i did’t get my work.


Once you give the ‘Thumbs Down’ you have signaled that you accept the gig and just didn’t like the service.

To get your money back you need to “Request Cancelleation” so you can get a refund.

Or, contact Customer Support.


I sure hope you communicated well and gave all the proper info you don’t want to give this guy a bad rating for no reason… ( not accusing you of anything I am jus stating it happens a lot that both parties are to blame because of lack of communication. and personal taste does not justify negative review or refund.


Personal taste doesn’t justify a refund? Of course it does!

If you want something a certain way, and that certain way isn’t provided a refund is always in order.

If you go in to get your Oil changed in your car, and they instead flushed the transmission… you should still be expected to pay for the job? No.

Or, on an artistic level.

If you’re child has Photo day at school, and you don’t like the pictures… You don’t have to buy them. You just say you don’t like any of them. Maybe next time.

Bad rating because you didn’t like something? No. That’s mean. But a refund if you arn’t happy with the work or service? Of course.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: what ever you say billy


@matt_garry. Do you not agree? If you don’t like a service provided why would you pay for it?

If you went to the dentist for a fake tooth, and the dentist put in a color that was say… yellow instead of white… would you pay for it? Probably not.

Like I said. If you personally don’t like a job done then get a refund. Don’t leave bad feedback. But if the client doesn’t like the work, then they don’t like it. Period.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: I think you missed my point intirely I am not talking about getting an apple when you asked for an orange.

but when you are discribing something to someone that is personaly made it is impossible to discribe every detail and a seller should not be to blame.

for example you asked for a duck and I give you something that walks like a duck and quaks like a duck… its a duck not my fault that later you decided you like mallared ducks more…


But it is. That’s the hard part of artistic gigs.

In a news office, or magazine design setting, or even advertising in a magazine or newspaper (Which I have done lots of) the client get’s final say. If they don’t like something then they don’t pay. They also don’t get the finished product. But the point is that they don’t pay. Any artistic gig. Logo’s, writing, anything get’s the final OK from the client. If the client doesn’t like it a refund is issued. They don’t get the writing/logo.

That’s the way the world works with artistic gigs.

You go into a recording studio and record your track. You don’t pay until you are happy with the results. Period.

Again. That’s why artistic gigs are tough. Because if the client will never use what yhe seller produced… because they don’t like it. Then why would they pay for something that is essentially useless.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: well I disagree very much so. and so does the fiverr policy for the most part


I completely agree with BBB. And Fiverr policy does not disagree. I’ve ordered 3 logos in the last year and I usually go for the ones with unlimited revisions. For just this reason. If I don’t like something I won’t pay for it. My logos were awesome. One of them took a few revisions. But the third one looked like it was done by a 5 year old and they wouldn’t refund. But Fiverr customer service did refund me. As a buyer @matt_garry if I don’t like your work I don’t like your work. And as a manager of a restaurant if I don’t like the final look of my menu when I get it reprinted I don’t pay for it until I’m satisfied. Actually. It’s the law where I live. Anyone who tries to make you pay for a service you don’t like or want, or wasn’t done to your standards is forced, by law to refund you. And if they attempt not to they can be charged with duress.


Reply to @merileep: well I guess I will go to your restaurant and order 20 steaks because I am looking for a specific texture. And the beer is just a degree too cold it hurts my teeth. oh and your waitress looked at me wierd when I looked down her shirt… so I am going to dine and dash now because you could never get the steak right I like it chewy but not too chewy ya know???

I better go on yelp and tell everyone about your crummy service…


LOL. I hate to say it but when you go to a restaraunt and don’t like the food you don’t have to pay for it. Even McDonalds. If you think the hamburger is thrown together to sloppy you get it for free. And that’s at McDonalds!

I also noticed no comment to magazine editors. Who if they don’t like the story, layout or pictures don’t pay the graphic artists for them.

I hate to play the age card. But. I’m 38. I’ve had jobs. I’ve worked for myself. I work for myself now. I’ve gotten my meals free at times if there was a problem. I’ve gotten refunds all the time for stuff if I don’t want it or like it. WalMart is the best example. You can buy something, use it and take it back simply because you don’t like it. That’s standard policy.

My point is that this is the way life works. Agree or not that’s just the way it is. It’s also the way it is on Fiverr. You see countless topics that the “Buyer” is favored. And it’s true. The buyer gets a refund if they message support. Sucks as a seller, and I’ve had my fill of delivered works that I was forced, by customer support to refund. Especially when I had my video editing gig. I refunded all the time because they didn’t like it. That’s why I don’t do it anymore. The fact is that’s life. And it’s also good business. Because a cheerful refund today could mean 10 gigs down the road.


Reply to @bigbadbilly:


Billy- I have been a professional musician for 25 years and I have never allowed a venue owner, artist, studio figure or publishing company to not pay me. Artists on commissionaire or retail work are being paid for their time. That is 100% non subjective.

I understand your stance- suggesting that; in our society most in particular- a person is apt to throwing you into a legal whirlwind for having the audacity to sell them hot coffee. People want what they want. To an even better degree; the free market only respects value or innovation. That makes your point valid. But here is some non negotiable art circumstances: Mix mastering. Time in- time out. Live music; if I set up-you’re paying. Studio time. No matter how much you dislike the mix- money is money.

It’s with this spirit in mind that musician’s have to understand how to transfer the costs and keep above water.

But here is the bottom line; if you’re incapable- you will be thrown aside. I think you guys have refined your skills here and that (no doubt) only begins with having a quality product.